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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Your Current Business Directory Script Does not Get Any Revenue For You ?

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Will You Be So Unfair About Your Current Business Directory Success ?

Your current business directory script does not get any revenue for you?

The performances are not present in your directory portal business? 

Maybe your software provider did not include advanced features as you want in directory script?

You want a powerful directory script, efficient, innovative, following the evolution of the internet marketing ( Softlets- Tech savvies programmed & embraced with an advanced technologies and according to the latest search engine optimized coded ).

All features based on what Ezydir offering you which is very beneficial for every business modules. It suits for every kind of industries.The one and only directory script can be modified to multiple kind of business directory startup support.

If you are being more unfair to your directory script, then plan without hesitation. 

Another second follows these steps,
  • To change easily and simply your directory script without losing your data, while retaining your natural SEO intact, we offer you a migration script.
  •  This script allows you to migrate your old scripts directory, to ezydir Directory in just a few clicks.
  • You will get your changes within minutes of directory script.
In the last 5 years, ezydir have witnessed tremendous shifts in consumer behavior and advances in technology. Along the way, Ezydir has innovated to bring out new & advanced script year by year.

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Things to Make your Revenue Multiple in an Advanced Business Directory

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             Higher End Custom Web applications for Directory

Businesses can achieve huge benefits through web applications development.  A new trend picking up in businesses promotion is to have a web application development in place for specific needs of a business. The main objective of a Web application Development is to reduce the cost of business by providing online business facilities.

The right type of web development software can also help to bring in some additional business. It basically makes the whole business process smarter. Web app development is done by specialized programmers and experts of different languages like HTML5, PHP and JavaScript.

The most important feature of web-applications development for directory that make them so popular and effective is that they can be made available to the users straight off without requiring them to download and install it on their systems.

  Search engine friendly development with Search Marketers

One of the most important aspects of a successful business now a day is to develop a SEO friendly website.  An online directory of an individual involved in Internet Marketing.

The task associated with directory is to represent a company, sell company's name, attract more visitors, generate more business leads, promote more sale of company's products and services and ultimately, help to gain more return on investment.

Your directory must serve as the mirror that reflects your company's corporate identity. The principles it stands for, its products and services, its achievements and its unique features -- things that differentiate your directory from your competitors.

 Revenue Modeled designs with experts guidelines

Design is something that drives advertising and attracts us to a brand. Effective Web designing appeals a person to reach for the product or service. 

The website needs to be appealing for the visitor and this is only possible with the help of visuals especially with new designing technologies. Designing should be used in the correct manner that can please the visual sense of the users.

Your website must grab attention of the visitors for this purpose the designs are used.

Design makes your services or products look different and make visitors get attracted towards the products. As you get more potential customers, it automatically enhances your sales and revenue. 


Friday, 22 January 2016

Do you have What it takes to be your Own Business & Boss ?

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Smart Ways of Business Directory software takes to be your Own Boss & Business

Business Directory software script can be used in many ways as it can be used as the center focus for your publishing directory website of your own business ideas and additional modules can extend your directory with marketing exposure & lead generation ideas. 

Below you can see a list of possible ways to use Ezydir - directory software.

·         Any kind of business directory
·         Any kind of industry based directory
·         Article website directory
·         Event website directory
·         Deal Store Website & directory
·         Matrimonial directory
·         Local search engine
·         Forum Website (etc..)

From business directory software, you can earn money - Get a detail consultation with skypeid : dhanyapratap

Start a Successful Instant Directory Site from Ezydir Business Directory Software

Ezydir is the best platform to build your directory website. We would like to take you through our works where you can get a clear cut idea about our directory script. All our projects cater into the various markets ranging from small to large Business Enterprises. We have a strong, highly experienced and dedicated team with relative experience in developing the directory portals. 

Our creative team is competent enough to convert your ideas into the real working directories. We have vast experience in dealing with the clients across the Globe most of our clients are from US, UK, Australia, Canada etc., Ezydir portfolio is vast range from various regions within 5 years.

Ezydir - Directory Software Script Demo

See for yourself why hundreds of customers choose ezydir software as a complete solution for their directory websites.

Try our business directory script out for free ! 

Request for Front-end demo  -> 

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The 2016 Business Directory Software Trends You Need to Know Now !

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The features of business directory software have dramatically rolled over one by one from the past several years and some are finding it tougher to stay on top of trends. 

Consumers now have more options than ever before, and an infinite amount of information is available on directory. If they have a bad experience, they will not take to social media and share it with the world.

As an emerging web-technologies and ultra-convenient, consumers are demanding more of directory benefits across the board. Business Directory experiences are now expected for every business exposure in local & global.

As a result, the business directory software is experiencing something of good and end-users are the driving force behind the evolution. As we enter 2016, every facet of the business directory software is set to optimize.

Marketing Ready & Social Sharing Modules

The concept of social sharing has been underway for a couple of years now and is expected to really take flight this year. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have been edging into the social game little by little with the addition of e payment features and similar deals & offers.

Even search giant Google Optimist modules and other search engine (local search engine) optimist modules have been integrating with that directory module. In time, social media websites are poised to become full-on directory platforms as well as social portals; 2016 may be the year when it all comes to a head.

Mobile’s Audience Temptation

Most everyone understands the power of mobile devices. When it comes to directory, mobile’s importance increases year-over-year. Be it optimization, applications, or ad experiences, mobile is a massive force in directory.

A popular trend among consumers to emerge through mobile applications from mobile. This can be viewed as a massive threat to directory platform in 2016. Mobile responsive websites plus mobile applications can capture the leads from mobile devices.

Catering New to a New Generation

To capture the hearts of the users & to get more lead generation from your directory business must be transparent, authentic and have a substantial digital presence. So get the consultation with best directory software provider.

Merchants are dreaming up new ways to integrate this groundbreaking tech into directory experiences with immediate responses through interactive window displays, and a variety of other features & applications.

While these more 2016 trends are certainly specific to the business directory software, they are also indicative of what society, technology, and the economy itself are reflecting.

Without a digital and mobile presence, most companies can’t survive. Brands must now look to maintain profitability. Ezydir – directory software package is taking over everything in one single package with affordable pricing.

What do you believe will be directory biggest change in 2016?

How do you think directory will impact in the years to come?

Get a free consultation with Best Business directory software ->

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How Ezydir – Software Serves for Educational Industries?

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In an Internet Era, there has been an intend demand for numerous website portals for various businesses and organizations activities.

Ezydir provides services in creating numerous kinds of directory websites. Ezydir provide the best education portal development features academic institutions and universities.

How Education Portal Serves the Best to the World?

Education Portal has emerged as an online education program with sole purpose is to conduct classes for the students through E-learning mode which is simplified for online learning and teaching purpose.

Here, students and teachers interact through online video and audio sessions, online posts and forums, online course materials, projects, practical sessions and numerous other resources. It is a tool in which online training classes/sessions are conducted.

At Ezydir –Online Directory Platform can create the educational portal with an advanced add-ons and specialized features with the main objective in developing the best education portal development which enables interactive system for e-Learning tools. We customized our approach as per the clientele needs in creating in providing various services.

Features of Education Portal Development:

Reports and catalogs.
Calendar of events.
Creating online communities and forums (students, administrators and alumni).
Facility to access resources for students, faculty, admin parents.
Library of course materials and assessments.
Test and Exam assessments.
Job opening facilities.
Payment gateway services.

Advanced Web Technologies, Ezydir used for portal development :

Angular JS
Advanced PHP ( framework > YII, Phalcon, CakePHP )
Ezydir – Directory website script provides excellent services in creating education portal development which allows robust and fascinating features, convenient access and customized applications. Our team of dynamic and professional experts implement advanced web technologies and open source elements for entire web portal solutions.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

How Ezydir - Directory Software Helps in Directory Website ?

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The most recent entry in the software industry is the directory & cloning process.

Making a Directory of your Own Style & Own Industry

It is yielding the chance to earn the money from online through the advertisements ( local /global) & collect the database who is all the returning visitors & new visitors of your website. Choose the Best Directory software is your time consuming & best method to take your directory website with numerous features & marketing tools. 

Cloning of Popular Directory

Clone the script of a popular directory website that matches to the requirement of the user. 

For example, online directory has become a craze, and well-noted websites are offering their services across the globe. Borrowing the script from such a website gives access ability to numerous features and authority over designing the outlook of the new website.

The directory script is a perfect way to establish a platform to bring together industries, products, community and people in concert.

Best Features of Directory Script

The directory script from Ezydir assembles all the essential features, giving it a special position in its high grade.

Achieving out to the great deal is a critical factor for any kind of directory to gather benefits from best directory software. It depends on the layout, flexibility and convenience and the host of products on the web portal.

By bringing all together onto a single platform, creating a unique opportunity is possible.

·         As directory visitors & members have a direct interaction with each other, transactions take place in a smooth fashion, avoiding disputes. Such a task leads directory script in developing more user experience/ member experience, where they can follow the people or categories.

·         The advanced search option from the directory script gives a greater control to the user & admin end, as they can search easily and filter the listing products/industries.

·         Furthermore, the administrator gains complete control over every level of operations and is in a position to assign pricing, commissions, manage sponsor’s accounts, review progress, deals section, article approval/disapproval and forum topic approval/disapproval & can able to check the script for smooth functioning.

·         The admin also receives authority to configure the settings to meet the requirement of the business outlook.

·         The users, on the other hand, gain ability to browse the massive details from the every listing details page.

·         The user experience becomes fascinating, as they can follow sponsor’s favorite listing category or people. Sponsor can even show off about it on their social webpages, which in turn generates new customers.

·         The directory script software contains all the directory features necessary to run a successful directory portal. However, the functionality depends on the script setting, which defines the business model, development and accountability.

The availability of directory script has made it possible for any individual to become an entrepreneur. All they must do is choose a package based on their investment and future expansion.

With the directory script available at not too expensive price, you to set up an directory website is no longer a boring task. All it expects is a careful strategy that analyses the functionality of the popular website carries out the necessary changes to the design and varies the code to suit the requirement of the current trends.

The round the clock support from the directory developer assures smooth functionality of the portal. The feature rich product has all the directory elements that help in creating a platform that brings you with running a successful directory.

Turn your idea with Ezydir Directory Software.

BOOK FREE TRIAL: http://www.ezydir.com/demo

We hope to hear from you soon!

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