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Monday, 14 November 2016

Local Business Directory - Best platform for Marketers

What is Local Business Directory?

     We live in an era where most of the things have been digitalized. A directory is a list of phone numbers of people. In the age of Internet, manual directories have gone down the drain and online directories have taken its place. Business directories are slightly different from phone directories where people can find the contact numbers of various people. The difference is that through Local Business directory a visitor has access to more than just the number. He/she can access all the details of local businesses in their town. The details provided in a business directory differs in terms of businesses. The details include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, type of services or products the business is offering.

How to make profit by owning a Local Business Directory?


     With a Local Business directory you can generate unlimited revenue. You can list the details of businesses that function in your city or town like Textiles, Automobiles, Education & Training Centers, Computers & Mobiles Electrician and Plumber etc. There are many other ways of  generating revenue rather than just posting the contact details of various businesses. When it comes to a web-page it has lots of space in it where various kinds of postings can be made. Similarly in a directory the empty space on the web-page after displaying the Business Listings can be used to display ads and banners of various sponsors and they can be charged different sum for that. To know more about the features that will explain in detail the ways of generating revenue, please the the features section of Ezydir.

Launch your Local Business Directory with Ezydir-Your Online Business Directory Software


Ezydir is a leading Business directory developers. We create world class directories with stunning features that helps our clients generate maximum revenue from the sponsors. We have been in this business for more than 5 years and we are proud of our craft. In the contemporary world, most of the business transactions take place online and that is where Ezydir steps in as your friend. Internet is a lucrative platform for business industries. We provide high quality services for a reasonable price and we would love to work with you. To know more about Ezydir please request a quick demo to know about the features that we have to offer to you. We have some luminous customers who illuminated their business with Ezydir and we would like you to be in that list. Never hesitate to reach us for clarifying any kinds of doubt.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Membership/Association software

No idea about Membership Software? Well read and find it yourself
The best way for availing offers and discounts is to become a member and enjoy the luxury of offers. Membership software gives people access to news, networking, resources, discounts and freebies. Membership or association software is a computer generated software solution that gives clubs, associations and other membership organizations, an option to provide their services to their customers or members. The software is mainly used to store members information in the database and it can also be edited whenever needed. Membership can be created, renewed, upgraded and downgraded. Members can be contacted through Phone calls, Emails, Social Media platforms or by post. The main job is to organize events and sell tickets to members. Providing advertising opportunities via listings or targeted placements, Getting to know customers’ activities and interest to provide apt services, An option for collective file sharing between members is also available.

Created website, what next?
Once the membership site goes online then all you have to do is promotional activities to get more number of members or customers. Social media is an indomitable platform that has possessed people who spend most of their time on facebook, twitter and instagram therefore the best place to target customers is to promote your directory in these platforms. Once members start joining your directory then you can charge a monthly or yearly fee and provide them with a card that can be used to get offers and discount. The most important thing is that the offers should be attractive so that people could not afford to lose it. Make it the best deal that they have got with amazing features.

Things you can do with Membership Software
Membership software helps in collecting event registration information and payment with customizable online forms from customers. Personalized emails can be sent or broadcasted with reporting options. Clients can be engaged with tools like networking sharing and discussion. Automated dues and renewal messages can be sent to the members. Membership offers can be provided for various businesses like clubs, gyms, theme parks, shopping malls etc. The members can avail the discount and other offers with card given to them after registration. Ezydir is an online directory creating software and help people setup their own directory and generate revenue from their customers. Ezydir is specialized in creating various types of directories for multiple clients and Ezydir can also develop membership directory with stunning features for our associates.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Wish to start a business but have no clue?

                                        Start a directory and get your pockets full


Restaurants are one of the largest lucrative businesses around the globe. Be it rain or shine, people will consume food. The favourite activity that people love to do is eat. Nowadays, people have become busy with their respective jobs that they hardly find time to go to a restaurant, sit with ease and enjoy their meal, so all they day is order food from the restaurant.

The recent advancements in the technology has made it easier for the people to make reservations through their computers and mobiles in order to avoid the waiting problem. In online ordering there is no space for any kind of confusions or misunderstandings which mostly occur during phone conversations. People on both the ends are unable to understand each other because of the background noises.

    Several mobile applications have been developed which allows you to search and locate a number of restaurants in your desired location. Some of the famous applications are OpenRice, FoodPanda, Glutton’s Corner, Burpple and HungryGoWhere. Ezydir helps you create a directory to list restaurants and let people reach their favourite or closest food destination in no time. We even develop an app for your directory so that people could access it through their mobile phones. You can categorize your directory by countries and states if you wish to take your business International.

Visit the Ezydir’s Features section to find out more. Take me there

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Create a Successful, Revenue-Generating Online Business Directory

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It's vital to every directory portal designed to worth that make money of any directory. Each kind of business is having the key to both business growth and retention.
But that is easier said than done.
Creating long-lasting & crystal clear directory structure is really the way forward. The organizations around the world find difficulty in achieving this. That’s why ezydir brings your demands in reality.
In the 5th release of ezydir facilitate with all dynamic features to take a lead rather than all directory portal. Just get tie up with our experts, they said what are the key challenges of ezydir makes you with dynamic & distinguish from all other.
Don't limit your challenges; challenge your limits with ezydir directory software provider!

Ezydir - Directory Software Script Demo
Try a demo from our free consultation and keep to raise money from your portal.
See for yourself why thousands of customers choose ezydir software as a complete solution for their directory websites.

Front-end demo

It's how your website visitors will see you.

www.demoezydir.com  ( It Shows what functionality exists in front end. )

Friday, 7 October 2016

Cost, plans and pricing for the leading online business directory software Ezydir

Ezydir offers an Affordable, online directory  solution  to streamline all aspects of your portal . A complete, turn-key solution with quick setup and free, unlimited support from real people. . Try a free demo and see how ezydir  can save you time and money.Pricing shouldn't be complicated . Pick ezydir that's right for you tohost your directory dream with ease and affordable

Ramp up your listing choices into  directory.How to earn with  Ezydir ?

The following complete control can hand over to our customers for directory success, the fields which you bring the more visitors in directory platform.

Ezydir directory software provider fights against with directory business listing failures & derive the instant solutions how to win.

  1. Ezydir - Winning & Revenue generation Strategies
  2. Set the Fees for multiple level of listing submissions.
  3. Fees for the entire website or category-specific fees, as your desired choice.
  4. Automatic renewals.
  5. Offer Featured listings as an upgrade for better visibility
  6. Set the fees to allow images, videos, articles, events, deals, offers on listings.  
  7. Allow paying users to put more actions on listings.
  8. Setting price for running the banner ads according t0 the multiple levels with multiple factors.
  9. User can post their information after getting simple registration fee.
  10. Assign Special fee to see the Ratings & Reviews for sponsor’s listings page.
  11. See the fee for sponsor’s listings with an Unlimited Category & Subcategories.
  12. Restricted Features as per Payment Level.
  13. Setting price for On-site SEO ( based on keywords range ) on Sponsor’s Listing
  14. Set fee for PDF / PPT / EBook / Brochure Upload features for every sponsor’s listing.
  15. Collect fee for running advertisements per payment level as sponsor chosen.
  16. Allocate the pricing levels for claim the sponsor’s listing .

Ezydir is advanced directory software .It has everything one needs to get those high revenue from  directory online business.

Monday, 3 October 2016

  Are you a property dealer planning to make some cash?- Create your own real estate directory and get customers from worldwide.

Real estate is a remunerative business where you can buy and sell properties. There are different types of properties like raw land or a fully furnished house or apartments, through which you can make substantial amount of money. You can increase the value of a land and sell it to the customers with big budget thereby beating the market. The easiest way of making money is to become the buyer’s agent and show and sell the houses to the buyers.


    You can make money by being a buyer’s agent but it is a tough job as it takes a lot of time to work with the buyers. The buyer’s don’t get easily settled by the options you give, they demand more and therefore it takes hours to show houses to the buyers before they decide upon one.

Money can be made in real estate business by becoming a listing agent for the seller. Listing agent’s job is different from buyer’s agent. A listing agent helps the seller set a price for the property, keep it ready to sell, list the homes in Multiple Listing Service (MLS), interact with buyers and negotiate the price and complete the transaction process. Listing takes lesser time than helping buyers buy a home and therefore listing agents can make more money.

Instead of being all over the shop, people in today’s world have turned to the Internet because most of the business deals occur online and Internet is a hub for many real estate sites. A fascinating website can create or generate a property deal. Iproperty clone is a well known real estate website where people buy the property of their choice.There are other international real estate portals such as Malaysia Properties, Hong Kong Property, GoHome.com.hk, Squarefoot.com.hk, Macau Property,Thailand Property etc. Nowadays, people don’t travel all the way to see the property, they just sit back at home and flicker their fingers on their computers and check out the property. To make the purchase easy for the customers, the real estate websites have a lot of pictures of the property.

    Property locator feature is an added advantage for the home buyers because they can search and find out the properties for sale in the places of their interest. This feature has a sub feature of sorting the property on the basis of location, price, zip code etc, which helps the customers to easily locate what they are searching for.

Ezydir is not associated with these portals, but we can surely help you in starting a similar real estate portal. To know more about Ezydir-click here. To see the real estate directory script-click here.