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Monday, 30 December 2013

Ezydir takes the shape of the vessel

Ezydir can be themed in the way your business requires. We tailor the directory to fit into your business requirements which in terms assures the ROI.

Business Directory:
A Business directory is a website or print media listing whether you are looking for information which lists all businesses within some category. Online Business Directories can receive a press business directory designed to help its users find the companies, products, services, and information they need.
This is a Christmas Business Directory and only businesses that agree to decorate their place of business during the Christmas Holidays can list their businesses .This was created  for those that are in christmas spirt during christmas holidays and would like to visit busineness  that decorrate their place of business for the christmas holidays .

Health Directory:

Health is the general condition disease symptoms and treatments of a person in all aspects. Effective strategies for staying healthy and improving one's health include the following elements medical conditions, weight loss, exercise and more.
The Directory emerged from within (the precursor to) DMO (Defence Materiel Organization) back in 1974.
The document is the largest existing source of Australasian defence industry capability and is distributed across DMO, DSTO, DSG, CDG, CIOG, JLC, Forces Command and Base Command in Australia along with MoD Acquisitions, NZDF Capability Branch and NZ Defence Logistics. We also distribute directly into a host of defence industry ‘Primes’, large Project Integrators and all relevant SME organisations inc AIDN, the NZDIA, the DTC and ABDIU – all of which we consider strategic partners.

Internet Directory:
Internet is a global system of interconnected web where you can find additional information. Internet timeline highlighting some of the key events and technologies that helped shape the Internet, however, this is becoming less common includes sections covering the history of the Web, email, Usenet and other topics.
aDhabi.com is a website offers classifieds  for the UAE. Property, Jobs, Cars, real estate for Sale & Rent, services, items, local community and event calendars. It supports Arabic lanuagae and layout. Its mobile apps are launching soon

Defense Directory:
Defense directory connects military buyers with military manufacturers capable of meeting their needs. The highlight of this site is the Defense Capabilities Directory, which is populated with a vast resource of material and service providers.
Australian + New Zealand Defence Directory | Defence Suppliers Directroy | Defence Capability Catologue.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Build Up Your Own Local Search Engine Portal With Ezydir

Hardly people in this world thought about the importance of business directories. But with the advent of internet the business directories are becoming more & more popular. In order to set up a web portal similar to business directory one can purchase Ezydir script. This particular script is developed to boost online  business. It is a complete package that will help you to save your time, effort and money.

Why Ezydir to build local search engine portal?

The Ezydir script is jam packed with functions alike Ezydir types to help the users. It has easy to use interface and anyone can build a business directory website with the help of this script. It has made to automate and simplify business process and is considered as the most trustworthy as well as scalable web solution present in the recent market.
Hence one can easily publish his own business directory with the help of this local search engine script. The script is urbanized with 100% source codes. There is a strong powerful backend dashboard that helps the site administrator to control the entire site. It allows an administrator to list businesses, individual traders, business events and much more.

How it makes your business directory a local search engine portal?

This local search engine script comes with search engine functionalities, SEO reporting and fully customized platform. The product has highly customizable set of features tied with standard compliant interface. A user can create categories, sub categories, and add review comment as well as remove listings easily. Some of the salient features of this script are integrated content management system, multi-language support; ads/banners can be controlled by the administrator, and one can control sub domain features. Hence the software allows the users to build up business directory websites and earn maximum revenue. It will allow business owners to start a more efficient, productive and prosperous online business.
Nowadays the online business is going on in a good speed. The script can play a significant role in building a local business directory portal within few minutes. It is easy to install and is a bug free product.
If you are an entrepreneur and want to establish your own business directory website just like Ezydir then definitely Ezydir script download can be your best option. It is a full features product that can increase sites ranking in all major search engines. It also supports video listings that will help to increase site ranking in Youtube. This script is known for its performance in the market. Therefore this product provides an affordable business solution for its users and enables them to earn a huge income.
Therefore with the advancement in the field of information technology different types of softwares have been developed to make our task easier. The softwares have been specially built thinking of a layman. Anyone can easily construct an attractive and professional looking popular website clones today with the help of php clone scripts. So take your business online by purchasing the scripts at an affordable cost and earn huge ROI.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Save planet with Ezydir !!!

Go Green: 

Wonder how to save the planet with ezydir ?
Yeah it is possible !!!
Go for directory site rather using printed directories.,

"Flipping through printed directories are antiquated,Clicking through e-directories are the current trend in reaching customer's window."

Think about directory; think about ezydirectory.,


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Influence of B2b directories

Why B2b?

If you are a business person and wanted to gain more clients and even suppliers, you definitely need to register yourself on a B2B directory. Through it, you will have the chance of meeting other suppliers as well as buyers who may become interested with your offered products. In getting an account on a B2B directory , you just have to make sure that you will provide all the needed detail such as you business name, your name, your offered products, descriptions of each product, their prices, and the process wherein the buyer can contact you.

How b2b works?
B2B directory is indeed a very helpful way of prospering as a business person. Most of the business directory providers offer their services for free. You can always view their website and other business people like you. Anytime, you may have transaction to any of them. However, since some of the business directory providers cannot give surety you that all of their members are worth trusting, you should take your caution in dealing with any of them. This is crucial as there are already lots of reported cases wherein the fraudulent seller jut left the buyer without giving the supposed purchased product. However, most of the business directory providers managed to uphold stronger security measures to make sure that all of the transactions are monitored well by their databases thus; it will be easier for them to catch the frauds.
With this, we can say that an industrial directory can be a huge help and disaster at the same time. It is a huge help since it can be a lot easier for you to find your prospected suppliers and of course the products you are looking for. Since the transactions are done online, there will be lesser irritate in handling all the payment as it is also done online. However, the downside here is that you have a little control on how you can handle the product you just purchased. The purchasing of products is done online and the only way for you to have it is by delivery. Because of this, some of the industrial directory providers managed to advise all of their buyers and even sellers to make sure that all is well when transacting. It is always advisable for you to settle with the buyer and seller who already gained positive feed backs and verified identity online. 

Industrial directory are already popular online and searching them by using the keywords is the best way to find them. In choosing the B2B directory, keep in mind that user interface and the way how it established its name online is a huge factor whether you are going to choose it or not.
Looking for the business directory is a lot easier using the internet. Most of them are reliable providers.

How to build a successful E-Commerce Website

Starting an E-commerce business can be pretty daunting. There are a lot of things to consider including the website, hosting, design, management & marketing!

Guess who is back:

No way I can phrase it in a manner that explains Ezydir’s purpose in a sentence. So thought of scrapping a page long article to show off our flagship product Ezydir – the directory script that really do serious revenue generation.

What makes us to brag?

Again? Yeah Ezydir’s ultimate power of customization and functional prospectus obviously. So what ? Do I sound like tele-marketing anchor? Gosh, let me be , anyhow we are talking about ecommerce site.  

Proof ?

Obviously we have so many but to be appropriate let me explain about few.,

Zaveri Bazaar - Gems & Jewellery Directory 

  Online jewellery showroom is an example for ezydir being an safest directory to make your internet presence .check out the url for further information and to get a refined idea of our Ezydir.  


The VIP Card - Local Directory USA

 USA Based Deal webportal.This Portal members will get discounts at Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, Regal Entertainment, Six Flags, SeaWorld, Knott's Berry Farm, over 7,000 golf courses and at over 61,000 pharmacies.

·           URL: http://www.thevipcard.com/homes.