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Monday, 28 October 2013

Drive Revenue directly from market


 First we would like to thank you  for choosing Ezydir for your directory site.In our last post we bragged about our directory products business aspects in this we are now going to  brag about making money through ezydir.In present situation marketing expense are the primary headache of entrepreneurs. We are suggesting you to take advantage of this situation and to provide an effective, budget friendly market medium for marketing. We guess it is enough of bragging. Ezydir’s show off time.

How it does the magic?

Yeah it is an art to make money through what we do. We did lots of case studies to drive revenues directly into your treasury with the help of Ezydir. Through levels of listings, deals, articles posting revenues can be made. Not like normal e-directories we enhanced the modules of our directory to make much more search engine friendly. Featured listing is a perfect example to explain about the way how ezydir does the money magic. Normal listings are displayed on the inside pages and featured listings are displayed in homepage itself so it grabs much more attraction. Because of this feature many customers will be approaching you to get featured listing. Once they posted and started getting responses from your audience they will surely comeback to deals also, so that they can widen their brand identity through offers. So this chain reaction will continue and you will get constant income through renewals and new submissions.       


Using an online business directory is a good way to expose your company. It not only increases exposure but it also increases traffic.  Online directories are the perfect place for finding any business or service at your nearest place. If you do not have a large scale budget to market your business, then EZYDIR is the right place to start with. EZYDIR is an online business directory with all the features of edirectory, made available to you at an affordable cost. It also has some additional features which can be customized as per your business requirements. 

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