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Friday, 29 November 2013

Building an Online Store Geared for Success With Ezydir

In the last few years, as e-commerce has burst in to the retail scene, millions of online stores have emerged. With that, the need for good platforms for e-commerce stores has also grown strong. Among the many Ezydir available for developing such websites, this directory script has emerged as one of the most viable one. It is fast reliable and makes website maintenance easy.
What kind of payment methods do they accept?
This Ezydir application has strong payment gateway integration. It supports multiple methods of online payment including:

  •  Net banking 
  •  Credit cards
  • Debit cards 
  • PayPal

There are many other online payment services and you can integrate them with your online store too. This feature particularly makes it extremely easy for both, site owners and customers to handle payments.
What if I want to integrate Ezydir to my existing website?
If you want to customize Ezydir or integrate it to your existing website, a professional development company can help you do it smoothly without any interruptions to your business. This application is easy to upgrade because at its heart, it has a simple design that can handle even the most complex tasks required for an eCommerce website.
How does this web application specifically help me grow my sales?
Well, it does not sell your products for you, but it does have a number of features that make shopping easier for customers. This way, they enjoy buying from your website and are likely to purchase more products from you. Some of the good features are:

  •  Support for many user accounts
  •  Easy account history so customers can track their purchases
  •  Easy way to promote certain products during peaks seasons- Promo code management
  •  Simple mechanism for site owners to track discounts and sales
  • Advertiser Administration Panel
  •  Revenue centre, language centre
  •  Social media sharing for all listings
  • Import / Export Listings via CSV file
  •  The business listing owners can create a deal and post in the social media
  •  Intuitive WYSIWYG editor
  •  A fully featured responsive admin panel with Nice jquery interface
  • Dashboard with summery of recent activities, track real time usage
  •  Multi Lingual CMS

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Premium Directory Script: Earning More Every day

With a premium directory script, you can make more than a hundred dollars every day within a month or two of use and practice. Much website owner aim to increase the number of back-links to their content by posting their content on link directories. Why not get a premium directory script so that you can develop a link directory of your own? The better the script, the higher your directory's rankings. Premium directories are preferred by both the website owners and search engines alike.

Free Or Paid?
That's entirely your wish. You can charge customers for posting their content and linking back to them, or you can keep the service free and put up ads on your website. A premium directory script facilitates both. However, most website owners now understand the importance and benefits of free directories and backlinks. They tend to prefer them to paid services, so the latter would really be better for you. Moreover, search engines don't really value back-links from paid directories.

Sounds good, right?
 Well, here are some tips on how you can maintain the quality of the content your users post on your directory.Appropriate keyword density. The keyword density should be specified in your guidelines to avoid keyword spamming. Search engines hate content filled with keywords so you have to be very strict about this. Anything less than three percent can be acceptable, but some of the best content online only has a keyword density of one percent, or less.  Only allow informative content. Articles should have relevant and required information.Original articles only! Discourage plagiarism strictly. 

Make it clear that articles have to pass a plagiarism-check program like Due Free or Copy space.  Articles should be well written, in simple, reader friendly language.Content must be well researched. Encourage detailed and accurate content. The websites you link to should be updated regularly with good content. You don't want to mess up your own ranking and online reputation because of poor, uninformative or unreliable articles on your link directory.  Proper categorization is crucial! Search engines love properly categorized lists so this nets you extra points with them.

Ready to start your own directory? What are you waiting for? You don't have to do anything special. All you need to do is to look for a good premium directory script online, and start earning right away!

With a premium directory script, you can make more than a hundred dollars every day within a month or two of use and practice. Much website owner aim to increase the number of back links to their content by posting their content on link directories. Why not get a premium directory script so that you can develop a link directory of your own?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Web Directories - Performance, Purpose, Problems - A General Guide to Web Directories

The path to building a successful web directory is far from a simple task. It requires a certain amount of devotion to take a web directory script and transform it into a heavily used directory. Web directories contain more complexities than meets the eye, and I have learned first hand that the development of a quality web directory is no walk in the park. But a good web directory is worth its weight in gold, for both webmasters & internet surfers alike. Let us enter the world of web directories. A web directory acts much like a search engine, but on a much smaller scale. Web directories are essentially a categorized index of websites that have been submitted by website owners. Directories normally have search features, allowing users to search through the entire index, just like a search engine. The main differences between a directory and a search engine is that very few directories contain the amount of links that a search engine does. Search engines also collect data from websites, which is used to categorize and rank them. Directories lack the ability to "crawl", or exam websites as search engines due, therefore the only information a directory contains on a particular website is the information that was submitted by the website owner. Most directories use meta tags and keywords to search for websites, where as search engines use complex algorithms that take into consideration much more than meta tags (the value of meta tags in search engines has actually declined). Web directories are not the most popular internet search tools because huge search engines like Google and Yahoo are much more convenient to use and contain a vast amount of resources available to be searched. The largest and most popular web directory is the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), whose links are indexed by Google, Yahoo, and the majority of other search engines. Google and Yahoo both have their own web directories as well. Though independently owned web directories may not be so popular for internet searchers, they do have their benefits for webmasters & surfers alike. 

There is a large number of web directories on the internet today that have been blacklisted by Google. It is best to avoid these directories at all costs; having your link listed there will most likely negatively affect your search engine rankings. But how do you know which directories to submit your URL to and which ones to avoid? These guidelines in rating web directories may help:
1. Organization
- Web Directories should be well organized and categorized.
- Categories should be, neither, too broad nor too narrow. Category organization is important, but a directories search feature holds more value for finding links.
- Links should be easily accessible.
- Links should be posted into the correct category. If they are not, this is a sign of automated link approval, which should never be used in a directory. (Even the largest, most powerful of web directories are human edited).
- Poor quality and spam links should not be accepted into any decent web directory.
2. Advertisements
- A quality directory should contain a free submission option, so it is necessary for directories to offer sponsored listings and sale advertisement space. However, the page should not be cluttered with ads. This is a sign that the directory administration is too focused on making a quick buck than enhancing the internet experience.
- If the directory has a specific topic, or niche, than the advertisements should pertain to that topic. Off topic and irrelevant ads do not belong on niche directories.
3. Page Rank (PR)
- Rumor has it that it's possible to fake some page rank indicators. Make sure your page rank comes from a reliable source when examining the PR of a web directory.
- Page rank is important factor in website popularity. However, directories that boast high page ranks, or have their page rank in the directory name or slogan typically use the page rank factor to compensate for their downfalls. It's like bragging...and you want a modest web directory. Find a directory that shares and uses their page rank to the benefit of directory users, not a directory that clearly lacks in features but boasts a high PR.
- Directories that display website links within a category in descending order of PR are less desirable than those that display links based on popularity (unique hits). Most desirable first, not highest PR; very beneficial to new websites attempting to build initial PR.
4. No Follow Tag
- A web directory that uses "no follow" tags on all links is useless.
- "no follow" tags are acceptable on free submissions. Reciprocal & featured submissions should not be tagged as "no follow" links. This gives value and meaning to featured (sponsored) & reciprocal links, while controlling the amount of links indexed by search engines to a reasonable number.
- In a quality directory, do not fear a "no follow" on your free submission. A good directory brings in targeted traffic, and though you may be missing out on that back link, there is still a lot of potential for increasing traffic.
5. Reviews, Marketing, & Promotion
- Search around for reviews and recommendations on web directories. There are some really good resources when it comes to choosing quality directories.
- A web directory should be marketed to both webmasters & internet surfers. If a directory only attracts webmasters, what kind of web traffic is it likely to bring? Look into how the web directory is promoted and marketed. 
These 5 guidelines can help you distinguish between low quality link farms and high quality, effective web directories. I hope this information helps you in your website's marketing and promotion campaign, in terms of website directory submission.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ezydir: Early Bird Special Offer!!! Limited Time Period . Ends with Nov -30, HURRY !!!!!!!!

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How to Use EZYDIR?

There are many ways to make use of ezydir. Above  are the some features of ezydir. Build your own directory. Make money online.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Go mobile with Ezydir

RWD(Responsive Web design) has evolved to a great extent over the last 2 years, it does not guarantee perfect rendering on all screens, which is natural considering the sheer diversity of screen sizes. Another issue with a responsive website is that it takes time to load and is a bit taxing on the browser.
                                              Building a mobile app is the only way of making your web portal accessible on mobile devices effectively. With mobile apps, it is possible to provide enhanced user experience. For instance, the app can be integrated with the phone dialer to enable ‘one tap connection’ with yellow pages / classifieds listings. Development of mobile app entails greater effort and cost commitment, because apps must be built for multiple mobile platforms.
                                  So it is necessary to create a mobile application for your directory site to make it presentable to wider audience spectrum. We have developed our ezydir application for both Iphone and android platforms.