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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Go mobile with Ezydir

RWD(Responsive Web design) has evolved to a great extent over the last 2 years, it does not guarantee perfect rendering on all screens, which is natural considering the sheer diversity of screen sizes. Another issue with a responsive website is that it takes time to load and is a bit taxing on the browser.
                                              Building a mobile app is the only way of making your web portal accessible on mobile devices effectively. With mobile apps, it is possible to provide enhanced user experience. For instance, the app can be integrated with the phone dialer to enable ‘one tap connection’ with yellow pages / classifieds listings. Development of mobile app entails greater effort and cost commitment, because apps must be built for multiple mobile platforms.
                                  So it is necessary to create a mobile application for your directory site to make it presentable to wider audience spectrum. We have developed our ezydir application for both Iphone and android platforms.   

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