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Sunday, 5 January 2014

How to build a successful Real estate directory

Real estate directory:


Real estate management is primarily engaged in the practice of handling, supervising and controlling an immovable proprietary. Purchasing real estate requires a significant investment, and each parcel of land has unique characteristics, so the real estate management industry has evolved into several fields.
To Make Millions in Real Estate, it is not necessary to invest in land, but can be invested in some means which can generate revenue through real estate market. Interactivity is an important element for websites today, whether it is for commercial or personal use. This type of interactivity is crucial to the operations of a business website and would spell success or failure for a brand, product or service.
What will you do after planning to buy a property? Obviously you will Google it or else surfing through real estate sites might be the one. Ever you decided to invest in one of them or like creating a new? If not why so? May be because of complexity? Guess what its never been that much difficult to bulid a real estate directory after you getting know about ezydir.

Building a real estate directory: Merely like building your dream home

Interactive real estate directories can provide prospective buyers or investors an innovative way of obtaining information about a home, building and other real estate property. Instead of going through a dizzying array of listed properties, website visitors can use the interactive maps and get a graphical and more comprehensive set of information that they can use in deciding which property they would consider to explore more or on some occasions -- rent or purchase the property outright online. Interactive real estate maps can display click able geographical locations where the properties for sale or rent can be found. So making it interactive is a way of presenting it in a manner of making your directory to hit the road of success in search engine visibility and in ROI.
Choosing perfect script for directory is such a stress building procedure for new comers. But once they spend hours and hours with business executives of business directory script sellers, they will be in the dilemma of falling behind the WP team all because the simplicity. But when it comes to functionality simplicity never had been in the count. When a PHP script meets simplicity and functionality there comes the innovative products debut. 

Customizing a real estate directory  to your requirement: Steep turn

Let me introduce you our innovative product named as Ezydir. The first product in this kind to meet simplicity with power packed functionality. Customization is what makes you deliver you the essence of your requirement to make you attain heights in what you do and what you are. Its not about the personalization apart from that it is the way of utilizing the possibilities with the element of deciding factors. Directory scripts can be made into to any but the way of customizing it should do the things that required for your business needs. 

Marketing a real estate directory: U turn

Marketing a product is a much need requirement which decides your product’s reach ability through your targeted audience. We crafted Ezydir in a way that every postings of your directory to reach every nook and nook corner. To make it happen we designed our product with a inbuilt SEO center.

Making your real-estate directory a trustworthy directory: Spammers alert    

What if spammers take over your directory once invested thousands of dollars and heaps of hours to develop it. Worry not if you are an ezydir user we make it happen through several script tweaking. To name it few suspicious word detector, admin authorization, IP blocking, prompting user to register after 1 or 2 sessions. Yes it is possible to maintain your directory with trustworthiness just with few clicks.

Keep striking with your newly built real estate directory: Save the planet by consuming less papers

Once your are set and live you are good to go with your directory site up and live. With heaps of customization options, numerous tweaking will keep you ahead of directory war.


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