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Monday, 3 February 2014

Ask yourself W5!!!

Any sort of mysterious cases can be solved with this W5., They are called W5 because they all start with Who, What, Why, When or Where. The W5 questions will narrow down your options and help you focus on your requirement.
What is the use of dragging this w5 here to this blog ?  to be frank,while surfing internet for ideas to write, sometimes makes me lost myself in internet woods, even sometimes I’ll forget that what I’m exactly searching for !!! In that way, I got this topic which will possibly let me to pen down another article., Whoa ., how does I even let my secret out ? Just give yourself try when you feel bored, ask yourself w5s.., But please don’t end this up in counseling with a psychiatrist., Just kidding .,Let me  pull a rabbit out of hat.

 Who? Are you kidding ? how could possibly this word is related with ezydir? The answer is here .,Don’t just rush , let me think, who asked me write on this topic? No not this one. Oh Yeah!!! Got it , here you go , Who is your targeted audience ? again who is your targeted audience? Who ever it might be, The way should lead you to reach ‘em up. Oh I forgot to stuff my keywords., Ezydir ,Ezydir,Ezydir!!! Please don’t mind, this is how I used to manage keyword density., :-p
How targeted audience can be reached just with ezydir? Wowo this gave me topic for another article ! H5 !!!possibly ., Don’t just panic I wont ., SEO integration is how you gonna reach your targeted audience.

What? What will be your choice? Cheese burger or a beefsteak ? Not that , Is it a real estate/ B2b/ecommerce/membership/local/ etc directory? Anything it can be we have a magical spell to make it happen. Ezydir can dance to your tune , yeas, Customization!!! Is all about . We can customize ezydir into any of your requirements.

Why Ezydir? Choosing directory script is all about choosing a directory that matches your functional requirements. We don’t think a directory with number of functions and misses the main functional requirement. So we designed our project with that thing in mind. Our product will cover your entire functional requirement. If in case to provide a special, which means a personally required functionality by you will be done on extra cost. But what other directories usually do is they will lock all needed basic requirement and unlock it with extra usage cost or tagging a premium label in it. You can find our Ezydir’s specialties and the places where other directories lag in our previous blog post. So now you would have understood the reason why people prefer Ezydir over other directories.

When? Yes when I myself will get an idea to match this up with my topic? Breakkkkkk..,
When will the directory site content be ready? Always keep in mind that using real content could save a lot of time. It might be the content or the bulk data upload ., No issues under, we will give you an option of uploading bulk data from back end upon special request for that functionality.

Where will the directory site services be offered? (local, regional or international). You would never imagine how critical this point can be; various cultures interpret symbols, shapes and colors differently. Understanding where the site will be used will help you tailor your design to match such cultures.

Did I miss anything ? I guess not . huraayyy!  You have lived a hard part of your life by reading my article now you can share this with your friends through social blah blah networks.
Don’t tag me pls :-p


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