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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Directory development

Directory development is a growing popular method for gaining quality content and traffic for a website. Resource directories consist of a number of links to other sites within a category of the directory-Just like the Yellow Pages organize businesses by category. Website owners who are considering using directories to promote their site should know why directories are important and what they do. And those who are considering their own directory should know about resource directory development.Directories are very important for any website owner. When submitting to a directory, the URLs are typically human reviewed for quality assurance. Many websites seek out directories they can submit to. On a daily basis a website owner will seek out several directories and add their site. This increases their number of inbound links, and well as increasing their visibility on the internet.

Tips for Submitting to Directories,
*Include the most important keywords in the title.
*Submit your homepage. Directories will typically not accept extensions. It is good if your URL has your keywords in it.
*Write a good description free of grammatical errors. It will save time to write two descriptions, one long and one short, for different directories.
Some directories focus on a particular niche, while others have categories for just about everything. 

An example of a targeted directory would be one that only accepts sites about search engine marketing or search engine optimization. Choosing a niche directory that relates to the keywords of the site will help bring more visibility to that particular directory as well as the links. If developing a directory for your own site there are some important things to keep in mind. It must be search engine friendly so it may be indexed properly. Choose categories carefully so they are aimed at your market or the markets to which you wish to appeal. Also don't let categories go to deep. The more pages away from your homepage you get, the lower becomes the ranking of the directory pages. Make sure the directory is functional so other websites can easily add their URLs. An email notification is a good idea. An acceptance email will not only reassure the website owner but also help you to develop more relationships with other website owners.

Tips for Directory Development
*Keep listing results small, to about 20 a page. More than that can be overwhelming and confusing to users seeking out information.
*Maintain and update your directory frequently. Search engines like to see a site updated regularly, and maintaining the directory will assure that all the links are still functional and that all the URLs still exist.
*Incorporate the look of your website into the directory. This will help users to associate the directory with your site.

Always keep in mind that you want to represent the best of your site in any listing. So whether you are submitting to the best directories or creating your own directory make sure you are providing the most accurate information and the best possible representation of your site.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wind Back!!!

Lets start from the beginning...

What is a directory site?
Well for instance lets say you own “blahblah diners.com” or something a site where visitors can go and review local diners listings all in one place. It would be considered a blahblah diners “directory site”.

Diners pay you a monthly fee to have a listing on your site. It could be $49. Per month, or $79 , or $99 or even $1,000 per month. Depends on who you market to and what you want to charge.

Checking out findlaw.com, or dentistcom, or realestate.com, whatever...many directory sites charge each customer over $1,000 per month depending on the niche.

Yellow book 360 charges $79. Per month, and they have thousands of listings.

Let me break that down for you, a thousand people paying you $79 per month is $79,000.00 per month. Is almost a million dollars per year in residual income just for managing one single site!

Fact is that if you have a ranking local site, in any industry’s niche, or can build one, everybody in that niche wants and needs to be on it, and they are willing to pay you!

BIG QUESTION HERE: How do you sell it?

ANSWER: How does everyone else sell it?

Yellow book 360 sell hundreds of listings per day, with their what?


But the beauty is that being such a high value and low cost to get started , you can sell listings with classified ads, flyers, easily door to door, all kinds of stuff, because being on a good directory site that is ranked is worth money, and is an interesting proposition.

Did you know you can even sell listings on a pre launch, before you site is even on the first page, and the listings will help get it there?

So Next Question:

How do you rank them?

“Cherry Pick Your Markets”.

National sites are hard to rank, but local ones are easy...and each customer you list helps you rank even higher! But what if you don’t live in little rock?That’s the beauty.You could really market ANYWHERE, because this is the kind of sale you can easily close over the phone.

In closing,
Directory sites in my opinion are really the perfect offline business model.Any newbie can start one... with a vision, and some passion to make it happen.Once you see the potential you would be hard pressed to hold yourself back from starting one.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Business directory portal, Part - 2

A business directory is just like any other general directory, but it largely focuses on business content. It provides many benefits to anyone who is capable of exploit the opportunities it provides. Ezydir Business Directory is a unique business directory which concentrates business listings in Ezydir.
Ezydir Business Directory is unique in many aspects. It is a highly ranking business directory in Ezydir and thousands of people visit the Ezydir Business Directory everyday. This business directory in Ezydir is rich of many unique and useful articles pertaining to different industries. Well known for its usefulness, the business directory serves many people in the Ezydir business circle.
Ezydir Business Directory very well covers all kinds of Ezydir business and other important happenings. This business directory of Ezydir lists all possible business in Ezydir and categorizes them in an intuitive way so that visitors can easily navigate through the business directory and find the information they want. These categories include finance, banking, hospitals, travel and all possible business categories.
This business directory in Ezydir is providing an excellent opportunity for you to get listed and advertise with us to promote your business in Ezydir. This business directory in Ezydir provides opportunities in internet advertising and marketing for your business in and around Ezydir. If you want to get listed in the Ezydir Business Directory, you can visit the site, simply select the appropriate category that's mostly related to your business, and enter the required information such as the exact nature of business, your business address etc. It's that easy to get listed in this business directory of Ezydir.
The users will also find really good information in Ezydir Business Directory. It has hundreds of articles in many business topics and categories which can be instantly viewed not only by those who wish to get listed in this business directory of Ezydir, but also anyone who is in need of information regarding business in Ezydir.
The great thing about the Ezydir business directory is it is a comprehensive online phone number resource book which means you don't have to remember the phone numbers of your favorite coffee shop. Simply open the Ezydir business directory and find the number you want. Since it's a leading business directory of Ezydir, you will find all information related to business in Ezydir.