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Monday, 30 June 2014

Classified script with membership option

Be different in the world and that’s the only way to reach the audience. Classified script with member ship option is a new trend of creating the own directory. Where the directory is totally customized by you, like efficient search filters, user friendly submission, location based adds, privacy features for venders, a new revenue model for your classified business, banner management and etc,.  Classification of script with the membership option is a way to create own directory. For example olx, yellow pages, flip kart are the classified directories. Which are gone to peak level with their own ideas.
Many leading directory’s are having drawbacks in their site. Make features in simple way, to fulfilling your audience expectation. Get your audience expectation level with your ideas. Because in the modern world directories are the part of life. Making a directory is not a common idea among the people, just thing the way you are. What? Thinking of creating your own directory? We are here to help you to create your own directory with the help of ezydir.
Some of the features, customized by us with your ideas,
·         Classifieds
·         All languages and layout support
·         Powerful ad postings
·         Multiple level categories
·         Report abuse form
·         Advertiser administration panel and etc.,

And also your directory will be build with strong php script, this script can be used in any kind of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc., As our script is in Core PHP language it is fast, stable, secure and easy to use.  Thinking of finding us, that’s not necessary, just click the link below.
Drop us a message at:  sales@thesoftlets.com, or even you can ping us in Skype :thesoftlets

Friday, 27 June 2014

Miscellaneous directory

Miscellaneous directory are the new age trend of directory era. Guess what, never try follow the footsteps of people who got succeed try exploring your own way to hit the target. Miscellaneous directory finds a new path to follow in to the business world. Makes you to reach many eye balls. i.e.  these are the dating directory, sport’s directory, lawyer’s directory, etc.,

Dating directory – E- harmony clone

Dating directory idea is usual one but connecting people is always fun



Sports directory  - sport focus clone

Create your own directory, with the sporty design by ezydir.

Style directory - 7salon clone

Listing all stylist locally is new style in directory business. Get it done with style – Ezydir.

Finding a way to create your own directory, whatever it may be, we would like to help you with pleasure through ezydir.
For further details don’t even think of finding us, just spin down to catch us
Link:  www.ezydir.com
Drop us a message at:  sales@thesoftlets.com,  or even you can ping us in
Skype : thesoftlets.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Looking for Yellow pages Clone

Yellow pages are the mantra of recent ages for people who opt for search a business in internet. We have came through that lot people are looking for a script to create their own business by listing others business. We heard those voices and came up with a pakka solutions of cloning yellow pages with some added functionality into it. Think about having a powerful script than yellow pages at affordable pricing, think Ezydir.  Yellow page script is the best way to get into trendy business style, in which all the customization with your business directory will be very easy and be a owner of your own business directory follows. And also you could customize even better than yellow pages with the help of ezydir. You could have the same features listed in the yellow pages, and also even you could have your business in a small scale net work or in the wide scale net work. With the help of Location-based services (LBS),you can use your directory for business deals and listing of adds.

 The directory which you are about to create is not only a yellow pages clone directory it’s also a business directory. Because the script which we are using is a php and a friendly SEO coding language. Yellow pages reached this height by marketing , so do you , if you want to create a business like yellow pages. If you still don’t get any idea, just go through the yellow pages clone script which is cloned by us..,
For further details don’t even think of finding us, just spin down to catch us
Link:  www.ezydir.com
Drop us a message at:  sales@thesoftlets.com,  or even you can ping us in Skype :thesoftlets.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Become an entrepreneur with your own automobile directory

 Start it with thinking about creating an automobile market place:
Just stop thinking of giving ideas to sell your automobile parts and wasting your time and money, and get your own ideas to make your audience in a directory of automobile. Automobile directory is the best way to reach people who looking forward to buy an automobile product and make revenue with that. Just be an enteruperner in automobile industry by making your own directory. We are here to help you with the ideas of your own automobile directory. By listing your products through categories and subcategories, the audience will be having a choice to find what they are look for, by this way we can make the audience to involve and to create traffic in your automobile directory. You will be having a standard audience through which you can improve your revenue day to day.
How to build an automobile directory :
And we are here to help you to create your own automobile directory at a low cost of price andfits with all your requirement, Do you think so that it is possible ? Is that’s you question then we are here to help you with the Ezydir. For example Ezydir helps you to add features such as you are searching for an new car or an old one, weather your searching it in a particular location, at what cost your searching for and etc., if you still don’t believe us, we will just get you a Automobile director which is created by us, to make an positive opinion on us. Just scroll to get a link
Link :  http://gitmadurai.com/php/autodealer/
And I strongly request you create your own directory with the help of ezydir because Our script developed in open-source PHP with MySQL as back end. Thus, the script can be used in any kind of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. As our script is in Core PHP language it is fast, stable, secure and easy to use. For further details don’t even think of finding us, just spin down to catch us
Link:  www.ezydir.com
Drop us a message at:  sales@thesoftlets.com,  or even you can ping us in Skype :thesoftlets.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Creating your own directory with EZYDIR

How to shape up your directory concept:
Once you come up with your idea of creating directory website we always suggest you to scribe it down in a piece of paper. Try populating your requirement sheet. Once you have done with that now move on to finding perfect match, not for you but for your directory site. Tons of directory scripts are available offline , but why people are still going for custom directory development? It because of the inability of that code to attain coding standards. Which means you will be trashed with piece of codes that may have over 100s of bugs in it. How to get rid of that? If your question is this please read below,
Analyze the other directories, so that you will get an insight about how directory scripts are stupidly developed. You will be having your own requirement, match those with the available demo online. At last get to speak with the geeks and that’s the way to create a directory. If you have passed all this you will be stressed out and ruled out by no options available for your business requirement.
This is where we fill the gap, We have a pre-coded directory script , no don’t stare at us pls, we are not like that craps available online. 
Wanna bet, give it a spin:

Demo URL: www.demoezydir.com
To log in as an Admin:
User Name : admin
Password : 123@admin  

Advantages of creating your own directory with Ezydir
 Ezydir has its own features such as,
1.       Its highly build with the cake php frame work so that it is fool/hacker proof
2.       It has category and sub category with the specific location so that the searching option will be very user-frienldy options for your targeted audience
4.       Onetime payment with 1 year free updations
5.       Efficient than WP and edirectory
6.       Form tampering protection
7.       CSRF protection
8.       User friendly UI
9.       No plug-ins, no hidden development costs. We deliver the hassle-free product at minimum price that we can offer.

Still puzzlement to go with the ezydir ?
Drop us a message at: sales@thesoftlets.com,  or even you can ping us in Skype : thesoftlets.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Business directory portal, Part - 3

Online business directory is always beneficial for a business which is offering services and products online. By listing your business to these business directories, you may be able to make your business visible within the market and can furthermore assist you validate ways in which to be extra seen. When doing a fast look for your organization, attempt to key in words that are associated with your organization. You may be able to instantly see the results for search and validate if your organization is involved within the listings. 
As active facts to the pervasiveness with widespread usefulness of business directories is the popularity of the make call Yellow Pages.
But instantly internet with every belonging online is the fad, unchanging commerce directories have to hunt the trend. On the moment, near are many websites which are dedicated near the purpose of compiling dealings concerning businesses. Basically, online resident dealing directories activate fashionable the similar way. The lone modification deception proceeding middle is worn and the easiness to browse online business directories because of the search tablet meeting which automatically searches the list representing doable matches near your query.
Given the price of commerce directories fashionable reminding community commerce phone statistics merely into folder they are needed, businesses essential achieve positively their commerce spirit registered into dealing directories. If a local, statewide dealing register is presented everyplace your affair operates then schedule your affair fashionable that business directory. Also, is applicable, find registered on a countrywide problem directory.
Free business directories may become excellent types of marketing. Strategic placement of businesses among major players within the market provides enough marketing and induces curiosity among individuals to look for out extra concerning the start-up organization. Given simple fact that several individuals consult these online directories, it permits the merchandise to become known to customers. The start-up organization will merely follow it up with extra promotional initiatives to support the sooner marketing efforts created through free online directories.
Online yellow pages is on its way to becoming a one-stop customer service center created exclusively for American Businesses. The new online service will allow you to manage your customer account in a fast and secure environment.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3 Directory Marketing Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Too busy with your day job to think about directory business? Time to think again.
Most of the business owners find themselves trapped for time or cash or both. So the need to engage in directory marketing to promote products and services--it can be pretty daunting.
Small businesses aren't alone when it comes to this problem, either. Some of the biggest companies and brands have teams hard at work trying to get their content marketing figured out.
The good news is that many small businesses are actually halfway there because, unlike big companies, they don't need marketing pros to know their audience and understand content that will appeal to them (and, by association, make products and services more appealing).
1. Make time, fast.
Even though it is not a rocket science, it consumes time to make it appropriate. So try to spare some time to make it valuable to get posted. Later you can enjoy the income without spending much time in it.
2. Find valuable content fast.
Before deciding to build one, plan one. If you are pretty clear in what you want to hit, hitting it is just close to it. So figure it out before investing time and money.
3. Add value fast.
Final and finest point is this, you can add value to it by doing SEO SEM ., still it depends on the previous point.
Why worries? We know that it is not familiar to you, So we take the trouble and deliver you the finest product which can possibly generate revenue, may be not in billons at earlier but hundreds for sure.
Check our directory development and SEM services to start with.,
Given the power of content to attract and engage audiences--your customers and prospects--and that it is the foundation of the social media ecosystem, it is worth finding the time. So figure out how to make the most of it.