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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Easy building of powerful directory in good design :

Designing with the ezydir
In the olden days advertisement will be done only with the hand painting and that is not a stable one. People try to change from time to time as a new era was found. People adapt to the new trend by them self and try to show them as a trendy person. In the modern world even with the cars, shows, dresses, jewelers, etc., are reaching a new portal to survey. And the medium of survey is the designs and that’s the only way to take your business in higher ranking. And for a business people it’s a must thing to get their product in a good design and stylish way and that’s one of the way to take your business in a very good ranking. So, as for as our idea is to create your own directory with the high design and a customized features in it, with one and only your ideas. So that you will be getting a high class profile to get your audience on the marked margin. If you still don’t believe us find your own person who got well succeeded in his field and find out the answer. Thinking of creating your own directory with the high profile  Ezydir helps you to create your own directory with the high profile design and a user friendly directory in it.  

Friday, 25 July 2014

ezydir what it would be? and why?

 Ezydir is a creator's tool box, which comprises of creative features and customization options and includes all others need. Exploring new is always fun and to try something new is super fun. In the same way ezydir helps you to bring out your ideas in business field. Ezydir is nothing but business directory software which helps to create your own directory in many ways. Each and every business person try to find out a market place to sell their products, so when you’re thinking of finding your place in market, just create your own directory and make a standard revenue through your directory. Whatever your business may be, ezydir can cope with it.

Why to go with ezydir?

  Ezydir comprises of many features in it, some of them are
·         Multiple language system so that you can create your directory in your own language.
·         Payment gateway helps to do transactions in safest way.
·         Location based functionality. 
·         Banner and deals management.
·         SEO features.
·         Supports mobile application such as Android, windows, ios.
·         Responsive design
·         Interaction with the social networks such as face book, twitter, g+.
·         Review features
·         Distance based search
·         There are two categories with the users such as, sponsors and visitors.
·         Currency management.
·         Theme customization's.
·         Newsletter subscription.
·         Price setting configuration.
·         Automated Database management.
·         Crone job works (automated scheduled action)
·         Promo-code management.
·         Supports blogs and forums.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

SEO directory websites

Imagine that you are a librarian not a normal one, worlds librarian with each and every book in the world. People depends to you for the exact book at which they are searching, it’s not a easy job, you need to find the each content in the book and find the most related word to the book, which is famously known as  key words. Google, bing, yahoo are the most famous search engines, through which these search engine will be scanning the each and every page and they will be collecting the key word for the search engine. Now, if you have a webpage the search results will be a matter. When your webpage gets higher ranking then lots of people will be getting used to your webpage.


The key to the higher ranking of your website are

1.     Words matter
2.    Title matter
3.    Links matter
4.    Words in links
5.    Reputation
Good seo will be getting your webpage into a good ranking. And ezydir helps you with the seo projects , for further information just clink the link below

Drop us a message at:  sales@thesoftlets.com, or even you can ping us in Skype :thesoftlets.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Why to go with php directory script:

When it comes to business the only way to take your business to next level is creating your own directory. Your directory should be created in the right way and secured. So we just suggest you to create your own directory with the php scrip. 

 Php helps you to create your own directory with many added features, some of the added features are
1.   Ezydir directory script is very secured which could not be cracked.
2.     Execution time is very fast.
3.     Customization will be done very easily.
4.     Third party plug in is very easy.
5.      The frame work is done with the MVS (Model view controller), which is very easy to handle big project (eg. Yellow pages, olx, flip kart, ebay)
6.     SQL (Structured Query Language) helps for managing the data.
7.     Php is created in an open source, its completely free.
8.     Php could easily convert into HTML programe.
9.     Php is created in an independent platform so it’s easy to use in Windows Linux or Mac servers.
10.\ Multilingual ready.,
11. Customization can be done very easily.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Kijiji Cloning

Kijiji,  Olx is the most famous classifieds in the world. Which helps to sell products through advertisements, So that the visitors will get the contact details of the seller and contact them directly. The most important method for the success of kijiji is location based search (LBS) so that the buyer and seller could buy products with the desired location.   Flip kart, ebay, naaptol  are the most famous e-commercedirectories in the world. Which helps to find products around varieties with the current trend in the world. These e-commerce directory helps audience through delivering the product to the door step. So the conclusion is, if you just wanna create your own directory by combining this both directory into one. Is that possible? Yes of course it is possible with the help of ezydir.

Twining in one :
Ezydir helps to create a classifieds and e-commerce in to one. With more customization and an user friendly directory, these are the some of the example while creating your own directory,
1.    More location based search option helps the audience to search and sell their products with the certain location,
2.    Interactive advertisement posting method,
3.    Multi lingual site, to get your web directory to get published to wide range of  audience,
4.    Deep social network integration,
5.    High security,
6.    E-mail marketing,
7.    User-role management,
8.    Recent reviews,
9.    Admin could access their admin panel with any device,
10. RSS feed and etc.,

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Geo-Based word press theme vs ezydir

Local directories can have lot of features but location based search results are the backbone of it. Word press can serve your needs through geo based directory press. But the maps provided by the theme will not be customized anymore, so we present you the ezydir, local directory script. Location based (mostly primarily based) primarily based services (LBS) unit programming level services to manage choices that unit mostly used in mobile for precise location. Ezydir script is user friendly standalone script that provides you all the salient features. Customization of map with titled choices such as you might add your photos and videos, direction location map and etc,. Listings become a region of a journey, and exploring your data has never been this fun. With the facility to form location-based listings, the theme is transformed into a tool for building travel blogs, native business directories, travel guides. Combined with user star ratings, a fully fledged journal and a totally responsive design; the possibilities are endless!

Basic ideology of geo based feature is to engage the user with interactive map interface to explore the directory. When people start playing around with your directory, no wonder that it will be a big hit for b2b users and can serve as perfect market place.
Be local and provide local contents to local users, this is where other directories lags. And this is the only reason of success behind craigslist. Categories of listing can be represented with different color pins to make your directory much more presentable. For further details just click the below link

Drop us a message at:  sales@thesoftlets.com, or even you can ping us in Skype :thesoftlets.