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Friday, 25 July 2014

ezydir what it would be? and why?

 Ezydir is a creator's tool box, which comprises of creative features and customization options and includes all others need. Exploring new is always fun and to try something new is super fun. In the same way ezydir helps you to bring out your ideas in business field. Ezydir is nothing but business directory software which helps to create your own directory in many ways. Each and every business person try to find out a market place to sell their products, so when you’re thinking of finding your place in market, just create your own directory and make a standard revenue through your directory. Whatever your business may be, ezydir can cope with it.

Why to go with ezydir?

  Ezydir comprises of many features in it, some of them are
·         Multiple language system so that you can create your directory in your own language.
·         Payment gateway helps to do transactions in safest way.
·         Location based functionality. 
·         Banner and deals management.
·         SEO features.
·         Supports mobile application such as Android, windows, ios.
·         Responsive design
·         Interaction with the social networks such as face book, twitter, g+.
·         Review features
·         Distance based search
·         There are two categories with the users such as, sponsors and visitors.
·         Currency management.
·         Theme customization's.
·         Newsletter subscription.
·         Price setting configuration.
·         Automated Database management.
·         Crone job works (automated scheduled action)
·         Promo-code management.
·         Supports blogs and forums.

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