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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

SEO directory websites

Imagine that you are a librarian not a normal one, worlds librarian with each and every book in the world. People depends to you for the exact book at which they are searching, it’s not a easy job, you need to find the each content in the book and find the most related word to the book, which is famously known as  key words. Google, bing, yahoo are the most famous search engines, through which these search engine will be scanning the each and every page and they will be collecting the key word for the search engine. Now, if you have a webpage the search results will be a matter. When your webpage gets higher ranking then lots of people will be getting used to your webpage.


The key to the higher ranking of your website are

1.     Words matter
2.    Title matter
3.    Links matter
4.    Words in links
5.    Reputation
Good seo will be getting your webpage into a good ranking. And ezydir helps you with the seo projects , for further information just clink the link below

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