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Friday, 19 September 2014

Search it until you get a good one

There are plenty of online business directories which provide a great opportunity to business-owners to advertise their business, big or small. They can advertise their business for absolutely free and earn huge profits by expanding their customer base. This is possible with the help of a free online business directory.
An online business directory has become a popular medium for business-owners to advertise online. Especially, the free online directories which have encouraged small entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of exposure businesses get in online business directories. These online directories can conveniently be classified as free business listing directories and paid directories. The former do not charge any sort of payment from business-owners who list their business in their directories while the latter charge to attract meaningful placement on their site. It is a wise option, at a minimum, to list your business in the free business listing websites.

There are a number of advantages of a free online business directory are described below:
1. It's free!: The best thing about free online business directories is that they are free. If you have started a new business, then its likely that you'll be budget conscious and may cringe at the thought of paying a huge amount of money to get your business listed in the traditional paid directories. Therefore, a free online business directory is a great option for you as you do not have to pay anything to get exposure on the free business listing websites. It is important to note that in paid listing directories, one has to pay more to make their business appear at top of the list even though they may still offer a free listing option. Typically, the more you pay; the higher will be your webpage ranking. Prices vary for different directories  but can be quite high so if you own a small or a medium sized business, you may not be able to afford to pay such a price to get a business listing in the paid directories. So certainly consider paid directories, but it’s wise to make use of free online directories and give your business maximum exposure among a large number of potential clients.
2. Higher ranking in online directories: Your business listing can get a higher ranking without paying anything to free directories. This is because these directories consider various factors such as user query, business name, location, business category, how recently it was updated, if there are any user reviews, how positive the reviews are and other factors. So, update your business information on a regular basis and encourage satisfied customers to write reviews and submit them on these directories, then it is bound to increase your ranking in them.
3. Improved ranking in major search engines: Search engines such as Bing, G+ and Yahoo are very popular. If your own online website business gets a higher ranking in them, you will get more leads. So a higher ranking in search engines will prove to be very beneficial as more and more users will be able to find a business - your business conveniently. It will lead them to your website and this will give you an excellent opportunity to attract another customer and make profits. This works in the following way. Listing your site on an online business directory will result in a business listing for your business. Make sure that you include your online website. This creates incoming link to your own online website. The more relevant and quality incoming links you have, the more your rank (i.e. position in search results) will be on the manor search engines. So now there are three ways you can be found; firstly when users search on the online business directory containing your business and find it, secondly when users use online business directory see a search engine and find your own business listing on that online business directory in the results and, third when the user searches using a major search engines and finds your own website listed in the results.
It is a simple formula; with more incoming links your website has, the high it will appear in search engines. Also, you get to be found multiple ways: users on search engines find your website (ranked higher), users on search engines find your directory listing, and users on the online directory find your directory listing. Thus, adding a business in a business listing website has a direct relation to the ranking in major search engines. And  it works out in favor of your business and helps you clinch deals with potential customers.

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