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Friday, 31 October 2014

Clone Scripts of Popular Websites

It is a directory that allows you to find scripts with similar functionality or clones of popular online web sites, to develop your own online business projects, while giving developers the possibility to advertise your property scripts. Among the websites you can find clones are Digg, Orkut, Wikipedia, Dmoz, MySpace, Gmail, Blogger, Rapidshare, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, eBay, Paypal, among many others. Besides being organized by categories where you available clones of each application, also has a search engine. The ezydir homepage shows the most popular sites, most of which have one or more clones, although some, there is still no reference on the site, as in the case of Amazon. There may come a time when you want to mount a web service similar to existing popular services. If so, or hire a developer or seek php scripts or equivalent to those popular sites. Who gives us the task in finding these scripts is ezdir, a directory of scripts where we found a list of well-known online business websites, and most of find scripts to create equivalent services, although there are many cases barely resemble them in features. While not all equivalent scripts that have been developed, although we can add any Knowledge, for example, we have a clone of Twitter, PayPal or netvibes, to give unusual cases, or as Digg, we have clones menace although not among them. On the top of a clone have so much like Facebook. The disappointment perhaps we would find that many of these scripts are extra, although there are many official sites give us a demo with user and password to try before you buy the necessary licenses. Definitely a useful directory that will allow us to implement web services similar to existing ones. Everything is here, the best on the market. At one point I collected essence of what is most in demand on Google, so you do not waste your time and you can get started with your business, because why waste time. Here you will find the best scripts on the market that are represented in all areas. Each script will have a brief explanation of the main features where you'll click on the image to get the script detailed information. Some are available for free (as open source) while others paid (commercial).

Typically, these scripts are made by experienced programmers within the rules of law. What do you need? Let's say you want to open up a site of video clips and footage captured from you, having to set up a kind of style Youtube video store, looking through scripts like PHP Motion found, a free script that is right for you. Of course you can monetize it by placing advertising, just like Youtube. This is just one example; the purpose of the clones of famous script is to recreate something similar, perhaps free. And finally in the right place and there is no doubt you can find the best scripts like the original version.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Make Money by Creating Website Directories

Website directories are special online portals with lots of pieces of information in them. Such websites list various categories and topics in a manner in which a user can be led to obtain useful information in them. For example a person who needs to find websites about cars will be able to find many automobile websites in the automobile category.

This kind of online sorting helps users to access information faster and also the creators of the directories can include their own web links in them to boost traffic. Designing and maintaining a website today is one of the most tedious and expensive tasks. A newcomer to this field would not be able to successfully create a website that receives regular traffic. A proper designer who can design an attractive website costs lots of money and lots of money also go into the maintenance a website of this nature as well. An easy method of advertising can be realized using web directories. There is a big online market in the present day where potential buyers search for products online and most probably buy from them as well. Popular websites usually receive traffic. Hence, including your website in a directory will need a fee. Making your own directory profits you a lot because, you can earn you money from the process.
Creating a directory
When creating your own directory it is important to consider what type of websites to include. Specializing in a popular category will create a larger traffic but it cannot be guaranteed for a longer period of time. Technology related topics like the internet, computers and products sales online are topics worth favoring. Such categories can attract lots of traffic in the process.
There are a few factors which decide the success of the directory and they are:
Template- A nice template designed for directories will help greatly in maintaining an attractive directory. Such templates can be found online and will give you the ability to customize colors, pictures and a good layout. The template should be friendly enough for a user to trust the website and come back to look for more products or information.
Page rank- page rank is the level of progress a website makes in a search engine result when a search is conducted under a specific keyword that pertains to it. Coming in the top 5 of search engine result is good since users tend to trust the websites which are at the top of the result. If your site is loaded with enough keywords, it's sure to come up enough in page rank.
Traffic- Logically a website can be successful if there are more users going through it. This creates more clicks and perhaps sales from advertisements as well. The page rank also helps a lot in keeping the traffic constant. 
The pros of creating Website Directory
Each person who needs to list his or her website in your website directly will have to pay a fee for it. This value will be depending on the popularity and the amount of traffic the directory receives so that as it gets popular the fee can be increased. Placing affiliate links from other websites in the website will give an additional sum of money from pay per click system. Registering the website on Ad sense can be very profitable too. EBay and Amazon are other website advertisements that can be promoted with links where money is paid for each sale through clicks from your website.
There are a few ways in which websites or web links are included in a web directory in order to make extra cash in the process. Take a deep look at the following:
Free submission- There is no charge for including the web link in such free sites. A review may also give to recommend the website to users.
Reciprocal link- This is a case where any website can be listed for free only if that website has a back link that directs the user back to the same directory.
Paid submission- This is a kind of submission where there is a onetime fee to include the specific link and review it taken.
A featured listing- In these listings the primary position is given to links with a higher price. 
Bid for position- Bids are taken to decide where and when these links are listed and for which price.
In conclusion, a website directory could be a very effective source of income if you succeed in creating it well. The earnings and how long it takes to earn a considerable amount of money depends on the way the directory is made. Setting up and maintaining your own online directory can be big task. You can always succeed in it if you give it what it takes.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to Promote a Product or Website through Articles?

If you just started working from home, then one of the best and free ways to earn money is by writing articles. On the other hand, if you are on this business for a while, know that this is also a great way to expand your business or website.
Some people may think that article marketing is dead. They could not be more wrong. It’s more alive than ever. When you search for something on Google, yahoo, MSN or any other search engine, you get information for 3 places: Websites, Blogs/Forums and Article Directories. Your articles show up on the search engines. Can you imagine the power of that?
There are 3 main factors to a successful article: Title, summary and Body. For better understanding, they were split in 3 and explained one by one.
Title - This is the first thing that someone sees when looking to an article or a blog. The most important thing is that the title itself will be the first word on it. You should come up with something that will have people wanting to read your article. If you start your title with "Learn How to....", "How to....", "Top 3....", etc.., you will get more people reading the article.
Everyone wanted to learn more, and a title like that will make them to read it.
Summary - Below the title there is the summary. Write a couple phrases, so that the reader knows what you will be talking about.
Body - Talk about your topic. Give tips and help people with it. If you are promoting a product, then tell them the benefits from it. Give us much inside information as possible. By doing that you will be helping people, and those who want to learn even more about it. Might buy the product. Say the truth and be honest.
Some article directories have a resource box. This is where you would put the link for the website or product that you are promoting. If there is not a resource box, then just put the link on the article body.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Web Designers For Create User-Friendly Website

You have just launched your business and want to make it popular among the audience? Then worldwide internet is the medium where you can access to millions of people and make your business reachable. If your website is attractive, eye-catching and easy to navigate, then it will grab attention of users and your business easily gets into the mind of audience. Lifting website designing service and development from a reliable and proficient company may build your brand image in a more effective way.
Why to hire website designers from world..?
Saves time
A professional and dedicated team of web designers makes efficient use of the time when it comes to building a business website. They will ask your requirements, vision and mission of your business and prepare strategies to make your website stand out from the crowd. Website Designers in World deliver the project on-time and prepare project reports according to the requirements of the clients.
Drives traffic
The purpose of an online business is to reach to the millions of people, so that a business can gain popularity in a very less time. Most of the web site owners believe in hiring a skilled and professional web development company from World who can promise to create SEO friendly websites with custom-made web applications according to the requirements of online business.  Search Engine Optimization friendly website with lots of innovative applications easily gets the attention of users and generates traffic.
Gives professional Look
Website Designers from World create a professional website according to demand of an online business. Web designers organize each web page in a well versed way to make a hassle free navigation. They know that if web pages are not organized in a proper way then it would create difficulties for the target users to get through all the web pages. So, they ensure that web pages look professional as well as, are they quick in loading time and are Search Engine optimization (SEO) friendly to give enjoyable experience to the users while surfing the website.
Creates SEO friendly website
We know that just launching a custom website on the internet is not enough in this internet achieving traffic, communication era and popularity are the main goal of an online business. A well professional team of Website Designers in World creates SEO friendly website so that it can get high ranking on all search engines and make online internet business very popular. They use on-page and off-site optimization methods to market your website and to get sustainable rankings.
There are many web designers in world, but selecting a well professional and skilled team of designers is a very difficult task. Prefer to hire the team of designers who can give you web development services at affordable prices. By keeping above points, you can select the best team of Website Designers from world.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Website for Online Business

With the advent of the World Wide Web, creating website for marketing and several other purposes is now a common activity. No matter whether your business is small or large, online presence can make a lot of difference to your business growth and success. In fact, having an online presence can make or mar your business. The importance of online presence is apparent from any company's profit/loss statistics after they have created a website for themselves, especially as the number of internet users and shoppers continues to rise. However, you cannot ensure success by creating a website alone; you need to be smart enough to reach your target audience. At Ezydir, we can help you seamlessly and effortlessly create a website, which is both appealing and uncluttered and can become the active face of your business.

Value of Online Presence in the Current Scenario 
Exposure is of utmost importance for any business as it can flourish only when the target audience and potential customers are aware of its existence, and creating website is one solution in this regard. An online website ensures that your business is exposed to millions of internet users every day. A clever approach is to make an appropriate and user friendly website that targets your audience instead of just registering its presence on the Internet. Search engine optimization is one such approach where you use keywords to get in touch with the target audience. Once optimized, your website not only ensures increased profit rates, but also gives you a better opportunity to compete with your competitors.
Why Ezydir? 
If you think creating website is one of the most tedious tasks, think again. At Ezydir, we make your task easier and can help you create an effective online presence. We have the required expertise and access to cutting-edge technology to provide you with a variety of options for choosing your favorite design, template, and color. Ezydir enables you to create website with no experience, which will leave a lasting impact on prospective customers. 
We provide you with user-friendly tools to create a full-fledged, attractive, and intuitive website. We lend you all the tools that you may need to drive social traffic. Ezydir offers you built-in SEO tools to enable you to rank high in the search engines, that too at a fraction of the cost that you will otherwise incur on getting your website up and running! 
Start with a free demo to find out how Ezydir will make the difference to your business growth!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Success is Easy With a Customer-Friendly Website

If you want to get more bang for your buck with your website, you need to get lots of feedback from your customers on what they want you to publish online and how they want it organizing
The critical thing to remember is a website becomes successful because it meets the needs of its users. If you just focus on your online goals and what you want to "tell people" you're heading for trouble.
So when you're planning your online website strategy, before it gets to the development stage, ask a group of customers or people within your target market for their suggestions and ideas during the major phases of the decision making would be a smart move.
When completed, you'll have a website that is pleasing to your target audience - which at the same time is helping you reach your business goals. Here are 3 stages of website development where the users' inputs are critical to its success.

1. Gathering Data
A fundamental component of any website is its content and the menus and navigation. When you gather information about your target audience profile, you can implement your content development strategy. Simple, effective ways to get information is by asking them to answer a short questionnaire - ideally online - and following up with a detailed interview with a sample group of 15-20 people.
Knowing the demographics of your potential users and understanding their online behaviors, their goals, outlooks and what motivates them allows you to make a content development strategy that caters specifically to them.
If you're creating something people don't want to read, you’re wasting your time and money, or isn't pitched at their level of interest, or organized in way they want to use it.
As well as asking them what information they want, ask them what format they would like it in. Perhaps they want video, audio, something they can print out? These days, it's straightforward to reformat your information into lots of different audio/visual media.
2. Creating your site map
When you have identified the profile of your users and what their aspirations are, you know the kind of content you will fill the site with. Involve them in the decision of the structure of your site map by writing down each piece of content on a card and giving these cards to them.
Then let the users sort them into groups that they can understand. Using the results of their preferred grouping, you can proceed to making your site map based on the train of thought of your users, and not yours.
3. Putting together your website design
With the site map structure in place, you can advance to the page designing part. Sketch the primary page layout onto paper, and then ask some site visitors to complete tasks on a paper prototype. Improve the final outcome of your website before you consider building a clickable wireframe prototype and do further usability testing sessions. Put some basic design elements on your website blueprint (wireframe) and ask people what they think about your new website plan, so you can gauge how popular the finished site is likely to be.

If you spend some time getting your website strategy right and spend some time planning how your site needs to work, you'll find you spend a lot less money later on a website that fails to deliver.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Build And Maintain Websites For Profit

Build And Maintain Directorys For Profit
Even with restricted knowledge and expertise, you can develop and preserve directory for profit. Right here are just some methods you are able to do so.
1. Develop directory for Nearby Companies
Approach local company persons and sell them on the necessity and monetary benefits of getting a professional directory. Nearby advertising may get you started also, but anticipate to obtain a large portion of one's company from referrals.
Charge your clients for the initial style and setup from the directory. Work with them to develop a theme for their site based on their unique benefits more than the competitors. Maintain the directory easy to start with so that the cost of producing it's not prohibitive towards the company and you can complete it profitably in a short time.
In this business, you can also make money on the upkeep and ongoing assistance of the directory. Charge recurring monthly charges for such services needed as internet hosting, updates and improvements towards the site`s content, seo and submission, increasing visitors, visitors analysis, mailing list production    
You don`t have to be a master Internet programmer to provide needed, extra services. There are many totally free and low price sources of scripts as well as other resources accessible to you on the internet. Offer your customers (and charge additional for) flash introductions, animated graphics, syndicated content material, traffic counters, submission forms, chat rooms, autoresponders, pop-up windows and much more.
2. Sell directory on the internet
Develop internet shops, search engines like google, shopping portals, and other directory and sell them on the web.
Some develop directorys from templates sold by others. Others build directory from scratch. These online directorys have been sold on the internet as turnkey businesses via eBay and other directory .
Another option would be to take existing free services and resell them. For instance, you could take advantage of totally free internet stores accessible to you on the internet. Register a suitable domain name, acquire totally free or low price internet space, and host that totally free shop at your domain on your internet space. Promote your directory and improve traffic. Lastly, sell your directory towards the highest bidder on eBay. Be sure that either your Reserve Cost or Opening Bid is high sufficient to create it lucrative to you. You'll need to transfer the domain name to the buyer.
3. Become an Web Marketer
Develop your personal unique directory based on a niche theme which has an adequate marketplace. Then tie inside your content with appropriate affiliate programs and your personal in addition to other peoples` goods and services.
To improve commissions and sales, you'll need to regularly preserve your directory by updating content, increasing targeted visitors, adding suitable goods and services, et cetera.
These, then, are just a few methods that you can profit financially from building and maintaining directory.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Build Your Online Business With Your Blog - How To Use Your Posts To Your Optimal Advantage

Creating blog posts that can build your business is a worthwhile endeavor. You will also find that the overtime of your blog will bring you the best clients and prospects, and that the content you create there will represent you well as an online entrepreneur and authority in your business. Let's discuss the topics you will write about in your blog posts, the keywords you will use, and the way you will promote your posts once they are written.
In the very beginning I believe everyone struggles with coming up with ideas to write about on their blog. That leads to writing about anything and everything, a huge mistake if you want to brand yourself in a specific area. Your blog is not a diary or journal if it is for your business. Choose the topics that are of interest to your target market. Make a list of these topics and learn as much as you can about them as you research and write.

Keywords are so important to being found online. Take a look at your competitor's blogs to see which words and phrases they are including on their blog. Then go over to Google to search for more information. If you are diligent in your keyword research you will find that the same phrases keep popping up. Use these as a starting point to be able to jump into the conversation and become known as an authority in your niche.
Once you have written a few blog posts it is time to market what you do to your audience. Start with article marketing, where you write articles to submit to the article directories. These articles will be found by your target audience and read on a regular basis. You will also want to set up your blog to post automatically on Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to syndicate your content so that you are seen everywhere. As you build your list, make sure they know that you have a blog by including links to your posts within your emails. Ask people to leave a comment and to interact with you on social media. All of this gets your name out to the world in a big way.
You can see that blogging is a very powerful marketing strategy. You own and control your blog, so make sure you are taking advantage of your platform wisely. Post twice a week for the first year and your business will grow exponentially.