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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Build Your Online Business With Your Blog - How To Use Your Posts To Your Optimal Advantage

Creating blog posts that can build your business is a worthwhile endeavor. You will also find that the overtime of your blog will bring you the best clients and prospects, and that the content you create there will represent you well as an online entrepreneur and authority in your business. Let's discuss the topics you will write about in your blog posts, the keywords you will use, and the way you will promote your posts once they are written.
In the very beginning I believe everyone struggles with coming up with ideas to write about on their blog. That leads to writing about anything and everything, a huge mistake if you want to brand yourself in a specific area. Your blog is not a diary or journal if it is for your business. Choose the topics that are of interest to your target market. Make a list of these topics and learn as much as you can about them as you research and write.

Keywords are so important to being found online. Take a look at your competitor's blogs to see which words and phrases they are including on their blog. Then go over to Google to search for more information. If you are diligent in your keyword research you will find that the same phrases keep popping up. Use these as a starting point to be able to jump into the conversation and become known as an authority in your niche.
Once you have written a few blog posts it is time to market what you do to your audience. Start with article marketing, where you write articles to submit to the article directories. These articles will be found by your target audience and read on a regular basis. You will also want to set up your blog to post automatically on Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to syndicate your content so that you are seen everywhere. As you build your list, make sure they know that you have a blog by including links to your posts within your emails. Ask people to leave a comment and to interact with you on social media. All of this gets your name out to the world in a big way.
You can see that blogging is a very powerful marketing strategy. You own and control your blog, so make sure you are taking advantage of your platform wisely. Post twice a week for the first year and your business will grow exponentially.

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