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Friday, 31 October 2014

Clone Scripts of Popular Websites

It is a directory that allows you to find scripts with similar functionality or clones of popular online web sites, to develop your own online business projects, while giving developers the possibility to advertise your property scripts. Among the websites you can find clones are Digg, Orkut, Wikipedia, Dmoz, MySpace, Gmail, Blogger, Rapidshare, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, eBay, Paypal, among many others. Besides being organized by categories where you available clones of each application, also has a search engine. The ezydir homepage shows the most popular sites, most of which have one or more clones, although some, there is still no reference on the site, as in the case of Amazon. There may come a time when you want to mount a web service similar to existing popular services. If so, or hire a developer or seek php scripts or equivalent to those popular sites. Who gives us the task in finding these scripts is ezdir, a directory of scripts where we found a list of well-known online business websites, and most of find scripts to create equivalent services, although there are many cases barely resemble them in features. While not all equivalent scripts that have been developed, although we can add any Knowledge, for example, we have a clone of Twitter, PayPal or netvibes, to give unusual cases, or as Digg, we have clones menace although not among them. On the top of a clone have so much like Facebook. The disappointment perhaps we would find that many of these scripts are extra, although there are many official sites give us a demo with user and password to try before you buy the necessary licenses. Definitely a useful directory that will allow us to implement web services similar to existing ones. Everything is here, the best on the market. At one point I collected essence of what is most in demand on Google, so you do not waste your time and you can get started with your business, because why waste time. Here you will find the best scripts on the market that are represented in all areas. Each script will have a brief explanation of the main features where you'll click on the image to get the script detailed information. Some are available for free (as open source) while others paid (commercial).

Typically, these scripts are made by experienced programmers within the rules of law. What do you need? Let's say you want to open up a site of video clips and footage captured from you, having to set up a kind of style Youtube video store, looking through scripts like PHP Motion found, a free script that is right for you. Of course you can monetize it by placing advertising, just like Youtube. This is just one example; the purpose of the clones of famous script is to recreate something similar, perhaps free. And finally in the right place and there is no doubt you can find the best scripts like the original version.

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