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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to Promote a Product or Website through Articles?

If you just started working from home, then one of the best and free ways to earn money is by writing articles. On the other hand, if you are on this business for a while, know that this is also a great way to expand your business or website.
Some people may think that article marketing is dead. They could not be more wrong. It’s more alive than ever. When you search for something on Google, yahoo, MSN or any other search engine, you get information for 3 places: Websites, Blogs/Forums and Article Directories. Your articles show up on the search engines. Can you imagine the power of that?
There are 3 main factors to a successful article: Title, summary and Body. For better understanding, they were split in 3 and explained one by one.
Title - This is the first thing that someone sees when looking to an article or a blog. The most important thing is that the title itself will be the first word on it. You should come up with something that will have people wanting to read your article. If you start your title with "Learn How to....", "How to....", "Top 3....", etc.., you will get more people reading the article.
Everyone wanted to learn more, and a title like that will make them to read it.
Summary - Below the title there is the summary. Write a couple phrases, so that the reader knows what you will be talking about.
Body - Talk about your topic. Give tips and help people with it. If you are promoting a product, then tell them the benefits from it. Give us much inside information as possible. By doing that you will be helping people, and those who want to learn even more about it. Might buy the product. Say the truth and be honest.
Some article directories have a resource box. This is where you would put the link for the website or product that you are promoting. If there is not a resource box, then just put the link on the article body.

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