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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Make Money by Creating Website Directories

Website directories are special online portals with lots of pieces of information in them. Such websites list various categories and topics in a manner in which a user can be led to obtain useful information in them. For example a person who needs to find websites about cars will be able to find many automobile websites in the automobile category.

This kind of online sorting helps users to access information faster and also the creators of the directories can include their own web links in them to boost traffic. Designing and maintaining a website today is one of the most tedious and expensive tasks. A newcomer to this field would not be able to successfully create a website that receives regular traffic. A proper designer who can design an attractive website costs lots of money and lots of money also go into the maintenance a website of this nature as well. An easy method of advertising can be realized using web directories. There is a big online market in the present day where potential buyers search for products online and most probably buy from them as well. Popular websites usually receive traffic. Hence, including your website in a directory will need a fee. Making your own directory profits you a lot because, you can earn you money from the process.
Creating a directory
When creating your own directory it is important to consider what type of websites to include. Specializing in a popular category will create a larger traffic but it cannot be guaranteed for a longer period of time. Technology related topics like the internet, computers and products sales online are topics worth favoring. Such categories can attract lots of traffic in the process.
There are a few factors which decide the success of the directory and they are:
Template- A nice template designed for directories will help greatly in maintaining an attractive directory. Such templates can be found online and will give you the ability to customize colors, pictures and a good layout. The template should be friendly enough for a user to trust the website and come back to look for more products or information.
Page rank- page rank is the level of progress a website makes in a search engine result when a search is conducted under a specific keyword that pertains to it. Coming in the top 5 of search engine result is good since users tend to trust the websites which are at the top of the result. If your site is loaded with enough keywords, it's sure to come up enough in page rank.
Traffic- Logically a website can be successful if there are more users going through it. This creates more clicks and perhaps sales from advertisements as well. The page rank also helps a lot in keeping the traffic constant. 
The pros of creating Website Directory
Each person who needs to list his or her website in your website directly will have to pay a fee for it. This value will be depending on the popularity and the amount of traffic the directory receives so that as it gets popular the fee can be increased. Placing affiliate links from other websites in the website will give an additional sum of money from pay per click system. Registering the website on Ad sense can be very profitable too. EBay and Amazon are other website advertisements that can be promoted with links where money is paid for each sale through clicks from your website.
There are a few ways in which websites or web links are included in a web directory in order to make extra cash in the process. Take a deep look at the following:
Free submission- There is no charge for including the web link in such free sites. A review may also give to recommend the website to users.
Reciprocal link- This is a case where any website can be listed for free only if that website has a back link that directs the user back to the same directory.
Paid submission- This is a kind of submission where there is a onetime fee to include the specific link and review it taken.
A featured listing- In these listings the primary position is given to links with a higher price. 
Bid for position- Bids are taken to decide where and when these links are listed and for which price.
In conclusion, a website directory could be a very effective source of income if you succeed in creating it well. The earnings and how long it takes to earn a considerable amount of money depends on the way the directory is made. Setting up and maintaining your own online directory can be big task. You can always succeed in it if you give it what it takes.

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