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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Jump to Start Your Event directory website with directory software!

Hosting events are the best way to generate revenue for your organization through ticket sales and donation. If you’re starting to inquire the multiple events running on your event directory means from there, you can get the multiple sources to earn & gain.

Think & Analyze about event directory website !

Ezydir - Event Directory Software Helps You Organize, Promote and Register Your Events with Ease!

Events Directory software module puts your company and all of your local are organization's events in your hands.

Quickly and easily add events, set pricing and fix the discounts to allow registration, take payment, and access registrant information all through taken in one software packages as ezydir.


Make a new event in minutes directly from your ezydir directory website with our incorporated events calendar module. Add all the event details including location and directions, ticket pricing, images, sponsors on a single page online.

Submit and all events are instantly available on your directory website calendar and ready to promote.


Ezydir – event directory software lets you set as many different ticket prices as you have tickets. Easily set pricing for early registration discounts, discount codes, member discounts, group ticket prices and more.

Ticket pricing is simple to set and is contained in the same form where you create your event.


Ezydir event directory software makes it simple for users to register for your calendar events directly from event directory website. 

You create the registration form for the event and can customize the fields to include exactly the information you want from attendees.

Registrants simply select the event from your event directory website calendar, complete the form and click to receive confirmation. You can select to have a confirmation email sent automatically.


Click to view individual’s registrations and cancellations, see who has paid and who hasn't and email registrants for each event.  

Calendar can be customized color coded to match your organization's branding and applied to event types for single click filtering.  
Quickly can export registrants into excel reports to track and compare with past events. 
With ezydir, Everything can be done as per you guys requires!


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Significance of Choosing Ezydir Directory Software for Business

  • Easy to use web-based application & admin control panel
  • Create unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Displays listings in multiple categories ( infinite listing )
  • Review Rating / Send to a Friend system (turn this feature on/off)
  • Complete listing information including contact info, URL, complete address, phone, fax, email, upload logo and up to 10 custom fields.
  • Easy to integrate into your own template
  • Simply add code snippets, Widgets of Social media
  • Edit look of listing by editing the listing template file
  • Setting Search feature, Unlimited data filtering options 
  • Alphabetical search
  • Each listing links to Google Maps
  • Import list from any other application that can export to CSV, PDF as per customer requires & their reference.
  • Set listings priority to Free & Premium giving listing top priority in each category it is listed.
  • User/Member registration
  • Set new listings to appear automatically
  • If require admin approval from admin side, listing & other options can set like that 


Monday, 28 September 2015

An Effective Marketing Directory for Real Estate Agent

When directories are mentioned most people used to prefer yellow pages or white pages. In modern world the technology and the internet are turning the people to online directories. Especially if you're looking for a product or service that is local or regional. I can't think of anything that is more local than real estate. An online directory is a perfect place to turn to when you're looking for an agent to help buy or sell your next home.

What exactly is it?

A real estate directory is a collection of web sites categorized and prepared to make things easier to find. Depending on the type of directory, the information is organized specific to area, agent, type of property, specialty of the agent, etc.

There are few directories that focus on properties for sale, while others mainly provide a list of local agents. You can find listings for home inspectors, valuation, contractors, etc - almost anything that has to do with real estate.

Why we use a directory for real estate?

The internet is one of the main sources for home buyers. According to the National Association of Real Estate Agents, around 80% of home buyers begin searching for a home online. It is vital to have not only an easy web site but also to have a strong web presence.

Many Real Estate Agents have web sites and post their listings to online portals like Home Gain, Yahoo! and many others. Apart from marketing the actual listings, listing your website with directories is an excellent way to help drive targeted traffic to your website.

Because these directories have links to and from many web sites that are relevant, it's far more likely to rank higher in the page results of search engines than any single-realtor site. When you put forward your web site to a real estate directory, you're leveraging the quality and page ranking of the directory to bring traffic to your website. Another main reason to list your website with a directory is potential buyers and/or sellers often search these directories for local agents in their area.

How EZYDIR– real estate directory software helps:

The software can be used as

Commercial and residential income property analysis software
Enable real estate professionals to capture leads and track prospects.
Help users manage rental property and address
Offers reliable and easy to use property management

Facilities we offer

Free Technical Support
One year Free Updates          
No Recurring Fees
Use on Multiple Domains      
Instant Delivery         
Modification Service Available
Attractive Premade Themes, On-demand themes   


Saturday, 26 September 2015

How to Create Listing Package With more audience & more revenue in Directory portal ?

If you are seeking to make & manipulate the money with your any sort of  directory, it is crucial things that you have to know about what sort of business listing packages as per your plan.

When you are going to plan the listing packages,

·         First you need to aware about what sort of facilities you have to provide for every packages. 
·         Construct the points & specifications how that directory users to upgrade to next plan.

Here are some occasions to think about:

1.    Ranking of each listing package
A bang-up way to bring people to claim their listing packages would be to guarantee to customers that they will be ranked greater than normal in degree among various results if they buy & choose a better package.

2.    Listings Encouragement

Any tracks in advertising will teach you that if something is highlighted our eyes will be drawn to it, which is why businesses would rather have a listing package that highlights their business in the search results.

3.    Homepage featured

You can promote your services/products to upgrade from the basic package by offering an enhanced package that features the business on your homepage.

4.    Profile Up gradation

Images speak loudly. Most companies will want their logo along with their detailed information & listing. If you make your free listing package text only, and then offer an upgraded package that allows logo uploads and corporate profile updation with more services/products will be more likely to buy it.

5.    Number of photos /services upload

The more a business can show potential clients about who they are, the better. This is why your directory software should allow you to customize your packages in a way that higher upgrades can have more photos / services uploaded.

6.    Free Trial Period

It is keen to offer a free trial period with your packages which may tempt people to upgrade once they see how superior the upgrades package is.

7.    Price Options

Offer listing packages in a variety of ways such as annually, semi-annually, quarterly or on monthly basis! Customers like to have a choice in how long they advertise for and a choice how much they spend.

Remember, you can get origination and make more revenue from listing packages & up gradation any way you think will best deal on your directory.

Get more consultation from our experts for more revenue pack. Connect with skype id : thesoftlets


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Friday, 25 September 2015

How to Build an Attractive Website Directories through Ezydir

More things that consider heavy on the mind of those that demand visitors to their web sites. One of those things is getting down listed in the web directories, which is necessary to the success of any site and that of the SEO of the site as well. 

That’s why there is web directories software available on the web these days. The issue is that you will need to make sure that you are choosing the correct web directories 
software without making a huge error in the process.

There are few web directories software programs available that are nothing more than malware that will actually induce your web site to get black listed by the companies that run the directories. This can match certain doom for the new web sites as the SEO of the site is highly important. Being listed in the web directories is likely one of the most important of all the SEO skills that you will learn when you are taking part in making a web site.

Web directories software is projected to better the speed in which you can put in the web site that you own to the directories. In all truth, the presenting of the web sites to the directories is rather slow all the way around. There may be more than thousands of top end web directories, and part of SEO for a web site is too get listed in as many of them as possible. Sadly though this is not possible within a sensible amount of time for each of the directories wants this and that from you. From here web directories software comes in very handy.

Utilizing the best in software technology you can easily find that the software will guide you through the process without having any trouble about logging into each site one at a time. This will give you more time and the number of web directories that you are getting listed in many times over. There is a case that this may not be the path to go but in all things there is always going to be person who does not like it.

Web directories software can be a boon and a bane at the same time. Make sure that the software program you choose is permitted by the many directories that dot the web. If you use software that is not permitted then there is a chance of getting banned from the web directories and that will spell a lot of problems for getting traffic to your site.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

How can Increase the Traffic on Your Directory Website?

Directory software serves to produce a directory website on any matter. You can develop a directory of your own choice of theme. Without doubt, your directory will be packed with more informative. The real visitors will be happy to engage such a directory and will be fulfilled with so much information on any specific matter.
There is no oscillation that the directory website will be money making for both the visitors and the owner as well. Even all the assistants & boosters will be satisfied most being the part of the traffic becoming greater process with such a great look and well aligned directory website.
Such a website directory will definitely generate a high traffic with the top quality through the perfect & best  website response & their performance. There are some design & development criteria that directory software should have to market the directory.
That's why; you must have & choose the best software to make the best directory website that can really bring traffic in a assembled manner by providing all sorts of information. It is better to verify whether the software possess some features like ezydir software or not before using it to make your directory website.
In ezydir, gives an unlimited directory listing so that you can fulfill the website worth with so many links and resources. Even you must swear with the unlimited categories and sub categories, well crafted filter options as well. It is also important to give invest for the member to transfer their own information & edit their account as well as their images. These are main factors that best ezydir software should have. Additionally ezydir has awesome features. 
Free Directory Website Consultation on Skype : thesoftlets
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Overhaul your Directory with Advanced Directory Software

Ezydir - Directory software is estimable and very assistive to create a directory website on any kind of business, community and much more categories. The range of ezydir - directory software version is no doubt very high and wide. Directory software can gather all kinds of information thoroughly without demanding much trouble for you& to create information packed website that can really serve any end users in order to give any kind of information.
A directory website is very much useful for any surfers as it can give any range of information on the concerned subject and directory software is very helpful for the owners to collect any such information. This is the basic tool to crate and run a very informative website. The surfers can gather any kind of information on any given topic through a very well design and fantastic look.
A top quality feature packed directory website attracts the surfers again and again. This can only happen by ezydir directory software. It is really a great help of being a proud owner of a very informative website. The software has a straightforward to use content management system that allows the addition of content, images and even video with simplicity. It supports the multiple languages and it is also a benefit of the ezydir directory software.
You can provide visitors with an easy to navigate information resource on the chosen subject. Directory websites are now becoming increasingly popular on the Internet due to their ability to provide a huge amount of information to the reader about their area of interest. In addition, they are a valuable asset for generating income through advertising. Contact for Ezydir Experts & their consultation for your directory development
Skype ID – thesoftlets

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Should you use ezydir as directory software to build your directory worth & easier?

Directory Software – Ezydir creates an extraordinary directory with the following terms,

Experienced & Reliable:

Ezydir – Directory Software has more than 5 year experience and keep touch with our 1,200 happy customers. Don’t hesitate to click the pricing button & ezydir demo button for your directory success.

Dynamic Team:
In today's modern corporate world, developing teamwork environment who has become a necessity. Ezydir team of experts they are work hard with fun and having an inspiration from feedback through our customers.

Secured Data Center:

At our server location & data centers, team of people take security very seriously. To keep customer’s data safe and secure by using dozens of critical security features.

Focus on performance:

Our guys selectively expert on their directory domain experience. We are really proud to say.

Friendly & Helpful support:

Don’t hesitate when you’re facing the problems in our directory. We are there to help you with friendly approach.

Transparent & Honest:

You won’t meet any bad experience from ezydir directory software. Fully diplomatic & give transparency to our customers.

Better ROI :

Ezydir gives better return on investment. Lower price for directory services & customization. Contact to create Better ROI generation.

100% built by new Custom pages:

Built your directory from scratch and been improved them over last few years. Secured databases with our latest technologies.

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Monday, 21 September 2015

How to make a Success to launch a Directory?

Before Set up your Directory

Search, Research & Explore!  You might to do this again

Your grade of research starts about directory, before you need to choose your web directory software is to find out competitors and their wealth of directory revenue whether or not there is already like the one you are planning to build.

If there is already one having the directory structure and running then set your mind with analysis and brainstorm some ways to make your directory unique.

Yes! This is main step have to focus.

More research, refine & retune. Now it's time to pay more attention to search for actual directory businesses that could be in your directory! This may carry a little bit of time, but believe me, on the conclusion it is worth whether or not you actually have commercialize for your directory.

Besides, if you have goal to get a revenue shaped mode of point, modulate a better idea of the types and costs of packages in your directory settings.

If you love to be organized all of these, don’t get relax. Make a spreadsheet with the names and contact information that are potential candidates for your website. This way, down the line you can contact them directly and let them know about your directory.

So spend some time doing the market research then set to be focusing what kind of market you will be work with your directory.

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thing Need to Update for Capturing Your Lead Conversions From Your Directory

Nurture your Leads from Lead Generation Ideas is main element; actually converting these leads to customers, implies staying on top of their minds.

Ezydir gives you all the powerful directory features in one pack of directory software you need for Lead Engagement. It isn’t your Ordinary Software

Things you need to update your directory for lead conversion


This module can be useful to share newsletters, offers and promotions using beautiful mobile-friendly Email Campaigns.


Extend your reaching out by sending out offers in personalized SMS campaigns.


You can create custom lead reporing model & divide your leads based on their interests and actions.


Setup time and trigger-based autoresponders to send your leads relevant and timely content.


Send to individual contacts or a list through social media promotion, to keep your leads engaged with minimal effort in globally.


When User clicks to see to some listing in your directory, you can set the advertisement in particular areas regarding their search. This is much helpful to connect with leads from within banner advertisements.


Use Landing Pages to drive registrations.


Trigger remarketing (or retargeting) to drive the multiple deals in every section related to user searches.

While you are at it, learn best practices to drive superior results from ezydir - directory software nurturing efforts.

 Call to skype : thesoftlets

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Truth of Door to Build & Promote a Directory to Earn Revenue

Directories can be a accomplishing and fertile to list a number of sites. 

If you have an interest is beginning to develop your own directories to list sites relevant to people interested in your platform & market place.

How to build a directory can be done very easily?

One Main component of the directory website is to use a true of software for running your directory on. There are kind of options to choose from both free and paid directory and website portal.

Ezydir is one of the leading Premium Online Directory Software but there are little known ones which offer the advanced types of features. It is one portal not only does it feature the opportunity to have paid listings, but it is SEO friendly and has been thought about.

Earn through Free and Premium listings 

One profit of directories is that you can earn money from selling premium listings (so that people will pay off for their website to appear at the top of the listing pages & their user search results ).This can be producing a sizeable profit once your website becomes well known and gains a higher page rank.

You can make better page rank by involving your site becomes a backlink to it in return for a free listing.

Ezydir directory software brings solution to earn more money from your directory portal. Get a free consultation Now from our directory support team.

Skype : thesoftlets

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits with ezydir directory software !

It's vital to every directory portal designed to worth that make money of any directory. Each kind of business is having the key to both business growth and retention.

But that is easier said than done.

Creating long-lasting & crystal clear directory structure is really the way forward. The organizations around the world find difficulty in achieving this. That’s why ezydir brings your demands in reality. 

In the 5th release of ezydir facilitate with all dynamic features to take a lead rather than all directory portal. Just get tie up with our experts, they said what are the key challenges of ezydir makes you with dynamic & distinguish from all other.

Try a demo from our free consultation and keep to raise money from your portal.

Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits with ezydir directory software provider.!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How Brought an Efficient New Directory Portal to the Next Level ?

In 2011, started to develop best class online directory software Ezydir, to challenge with full licensed directory portal in aspects of pricing & development ideas for entrepreneurs & business starters.

Aside from that, you can imagine if you start to plan directory portal,you can struggle these points

  •          Speedy Response from server
  •          Fast loading time
  •          Secured Listing Information
  •         Custom fields & Custom pages
  •          Well-featured filters range of your location or whatever the parameters
This was a hot common fault when you’re moving directory software script purchases. Now, Ezydir version 5 releases recover these problems within a pack of directory software.

Softlets team decided to design the software needed to protect the flow listing options & server can hummed with 1K requests meanwhile between these directory script and Users on the Internet. The functionality, reliability and support team provided were excellent.

Meanwhile, updation on technical development ideas & revenue pattern ideas rolled on every directory software releases from the name of ezydir.

With security systems, standards are a good thing in ezydir. But
The solution required a directory server to function - at the time & the options were cost-prohibitive.

200+ Customers wondered if they could do so using Ezydir.

It’s the time had come to ask an inquiry for ezydir directory software !

Ezydir results spoke for themselves. Together Softlets united team of efforts with the new additional solutions and brought it through a series of new business deals where its performance exceeded expectations.

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