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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How Brought an Efficient New Directory Portal to the Next Level ?

In 2011, started to develop best class online directory software Ezydir, to challenge with full licensed directory portal in aspects of pricing & development ideas for entrepreneurs & business starters.

Aside from that, you can imagine if you start to plan directory portal,you can struggle these points

  •          Speedy Response from server
  •          Fast loading time
  •          Secured Listing Information
  •         Custom fields & Custom pages
  •          Well-featured filters range of your location or whatever the parameters
This was a hot common fault when you’re moving directory software script purchases. Now, Ezydir version 5 releases recover these problems within a pack of directory software.

Softlets team decided to design the software needed to protect the flow listing options & server can hummed with 1K requests meanwhile between these directory script and Users on the Internet. The functionality, reliability and support team provided were excellent.

Meanwhile, updation on technical development ideas & revenue pattern ideas rolled on every directory software releases from the name of ezydir.

With security systems, standards are a good thing in ezydir. But
The solution required a directory server to function - at the time & the options were cost-prohibitive.

200+ Customers wondered if they could do so using Ezydir.

It’s the time had come to ask an inquiry for ezydir directory software !

Ezydir results spoke for themselves. Together Softlets united team of efforts with the new additional solutions and brought it through a series of new business deals where its performance exceeded expectations.

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