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Saturday, 26 September 2015

How to Create Listing Package With more audience & more revenue in Directory portal ?

If you are seeking to make & manipulate the money with your any sort of  directory, it is crucial things that you have to know about what sort of business listing packages as per your plan.

When you are going to plan the listing packages,

·         First you need to aware about what sort of facilities you have to provide for every packages. 
·         Construct the points & specifications how that directory users to upgrade to next plan.

Here are some occasions to think about:

1.    Ranking of each listing package
A bang-up way to bring people to claim their listing packages would be to guarantee to customers that they will be ranked greater than normal in degree among various results if they buy & choose a better package.

2.    Listings Encouragement

Any tracks in advertising will teach you that if something is highlighted our eyes will be drawn to it, which is why businesses would rather have a listing package that highlights their business in the search results.

3.    Homepage featured

You can promote your services/products to upgrade from the basic package by offering an enhanced package that features the business on your homepage.

4.    Profile Up gradation

Images speak loudly. Most companies will want their logo along with their detailed information & listing. If you make your free listing package text only, and then offer an upgraded package that allows logo uploads and corporate profile updation with more services/products will be more likely to buy it.

5.    Number of photos /services upload

The more a business can show potential clients about who they are, the better. This is why your directory software should allow you to customize your packages in a way that higher upgrades can have more photos / services uploaded.

6.    Free Trial Period

It is keen to offer a free trial period with your packages which may tempt people to upgrade once they see how superior the upgrades package is.

7.    Price Options

Offer listing packages in a variety of ways such as annually, semi-annually, quarterly or on monthly basis! Customers like to have a choice in how long they advertise for and a choice how much they spend.

Remember, you can get origination and make more revenue from listing packages & up gradation any way you think will best deal on your directory.

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