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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Get the Most Out of ezydir by Becoming Directory Business Owner !

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Just see at what you get as ezydir:

Customized front end

Customize how you want your front end will look with a logo, background image, video and ad removal, as well as providing designs with standalone visitors .

Auto Detected SEO Link structure

All URLs in your web pages before it’s uploaded are automatically converted to active seo friendly links once your publication goes live.


Use third party API tool to automate uploads, customize integrations with your site and efficiently upload your entire back catalog.

Run Scheduled Advertisement 

Keep your editorial calendar
running like a well-oiled machine by scheduling your customers advertisement areas in advance.


Give admin panel access to advertise your visitors listing publication & can choose to keep their listings cancel or approve, so only your directory have with secured data.

Advanced Statistics

Up-to-the-minute statistics helps you analyze what your visitors are landing, how long they’re sticking around and what they’re sharing.


Get answers to your questions from ezydir comprehensive knowledge base and  support team.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Turn- Key Solutions to Target Your Google Customers for your Business

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Local Online Business Directories have proven to be very helpful to companies which want to develop a strong online identity while online visibility. Simply because increasing numbers of people are utilizing these listing to reveal particular companies within their area. 

Therefore directory can work as fairly easy, cheap and effective opportunity for the company to advertise itself. Other advantage that firms enjoy by listing themselves in local online directories include :

Free traffic generator

Entrepreneurs or business men who list their companies inside of a local directory can easily generate more visitors recommended to their websites. A number of people who visit online listings are frequently looking for a specific style of company that is operating in their area. Therefore likely to select the link to be listed the website’s online page for additional information.

Power to target relevant audiences

A company that is indexing by local business directories might be more likely to reach its targeted audience. People who select the backlink to the website are often ready-to-buy traffic who is more likely to convert into sales. Such individuals will define their search to a certain category that they will be really keen on, and when they follow the URL to your website, they are likely to make an acquisition.

Provides a network platform

There are actually the greatest forms of businesses on local online directories. A business person can easily connect to other entrepreneurs inside different categories. Possible profiles of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers who they will assist and this may available exactly how far expansion.

Develop brand image 

Companies will surely have their profile on online directories with information for prospects to discover. Furthermore, they are able to accept comments, recommendations and reviews and in many cases connect to clients and other businesses. Most local listings allow videos and photos that promote the company. They likewise have maps that help clients to concentrate on the physical location of your firm. This will help the firm to formulate its brand image so that clients can understand that there are trustworthy and reliable.

Perfect for search engine optimization

Local business directories usually have a lot of hits and they rank quite highly on major SERP. The firms listed on them benefit from all of the exposure, and this is perfect search engine optimization efforts. Backlinks from a web-based directory have very high quality because they are produced by a trustworthy and well-known source. The one-way links towards website could also help to boost website positioning.

Inexpensive advertising exposure

Local directories host the profile of local enterprises for free or with a very low price. They company can obtain a number of exposure and they can properly market themselves through their profile. Prospects can find out in regards to the business and anything that it offers. Local lisitings are therefore a really major marketing tool for local companies. 


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Marketing Your Directory is Easy ! Start Now with Advanced Built-in Marketing Modules

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Before start the directory business, it’s important to understand that directory with promotional modules are really about helping businesses join the conversation already taking place on your website. That is helping them reach the audience that you’ve cultivated in a way that provides value for your readers. 

To that end, there are several ways you can help them do so.

1) Integrate your Directory with Social Media Promotions 

Social Media Integration making the Open medium the best place to build your brand, find your services for every listing will take on your directory portal.

2) Contest Module

Best of Contests are a special type of social promotion that worthy its own category. For those publishers with a local directory, this is a great opportunity to promote the directory and sign up for new directory listings. 

While it may not generate much revenue directly (although you can, and should, sell a premium sponsorship for the contest), it will help you drive traffic to your site which in turn will help you sell other things in the future. Plus, readers love them!

3) Reviews Contest Module

If you have a directory that features reviews of local businesses, reviews contests are great way to get businesses to engage with your site/brand. 

For example, you could say the business with the most reviews in the next 30 days will be featured with a full page spread in the next issue (or on the homepage for web only publishers). 

Of course, in order for them to collect reviews, they’ll need to sign up for a free directory listing which in turn you can use to market the benefits of a premium listing or other digital offerings. It will also help you grow your traffic.

4) Banner Ads Module

Banner ads are the most common way people think about monetizing their websites and you could spend hours talking about the pros and cons of all the different options such Google Ads, Ad Networks, Direct sales, etc. However, one thing’s for sure, they should be a part of your strategy but not be the only way you monetize your website.

5) Local Guides / Special Advertising Pages Module

Specialized pages on your website can be used to highlight different topics, areas, events or ideas that are important to your local area. 

For example, you could create a local holiday gift guide, a special page that highlights your historic downtown area or simply provide a list of schools. These pages provide you with great local SEO and also the opportunity to sell exclusive sponsorships to those businesses that wish to be associated with the various topics.

6) Events Calendar Module

The calendar may be one of the most important as it will be the thing that keeps people coming back to your website over and over again. That said, it’s also got limited direct revenue potential. 

You can however offer featured events that show up more prominently for those event promoters looking for added exposure. You can also offer to announce or recap events in an advertorial (see below) for an additional fee.

7) Email Newsletter Module

Email is still one of the most powerful ways to promote businesses. Whether they’re looking to remain top of mind or promote a sale, email sponsorships provide a captivated audience to present their offer.

8) Coupons Module

Offering businesses the ability to offer coupons on your website is another way to increase your directory revenue. This could be in the form of a special page on your directory or further integrated into the directory experience but either way it’s a nice way to keep people coming back to the site while also helping businesses drive new business.

9) Deals/Loyalty Program Module

Deals are a hot topic these days. With sites like Groupon and Living Social offering one time deals with no limits, the deals can quickly get upside down and, if not carefully monitored, can end up costing business money instead of making them money. 

Publishers have the opportunity to take a slightly different approach here. By offering a deals service on a subscription basis, they can help businesses better estimate their costs and promote multiple deals as opportunities arise including deals which are based on a fixed amount of inventory. 

By integrating this into the directory experience you can also incorporate a loyalty program of sorts into the process.

 10) Advertorials Module

Advertorials are educational and/or entertaining articles that are published on your website (although advertorials can be print based as well) that highlight a business or person. The main purpose of advertorials is to help the advertiser brand themselves as the community expert in a given field or topic. 

11) Local Job Board Module

Last on our list, is a community job board. A simple system to help connect local job seekers and local employers without the hassle of complicated systems and recruiters can be a valuable community service. Plus you can charge business a small fee to post their job listings.

Choosing the right medium to help & achieve more from directory portal. Signin to ezydir directory platform to get more promotional & advanced marketing modules. 


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Quick Tips to Start & Success More with Effective Directory

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Business directories are so popular because they provide value to a wide range of users. Let’s take a quick look at how they benefit their three main stakeholders.
1.   Directories allow visitors to make an informed decision by making all options available in one convenient location — if someone wants to eat out, they can find all the restaurants in their town, their locations, prices, and overall ratings.
2.   Directories can drive more customers for the listed businesses.
3.   Directories have the potential to be very lucrative assets if they drive enough traffic, which is great news for the directory owner — that’s you!

Today, ezydir directory software will be providing quick tips for setting up a business directory, but first, let’s look at four ways you can make money from one.

1. Paid Listings

Many directories charge businesses for the privilege of being featured in the directory – either one-off fees or recurring, monthly rates.
The more traffic your directory receives, the more interest you’ll get, and the more you can justify charging.
However, personally I think there are better ways to monetize a directory. Consider this: A directory is most valuable as an all-encompassing resource for one very specific need — like listing Italian restaurants in a town. The moment you start excluding businesses who won’t pay to be listed, you’re providing less value to your visitors. In the long-run, this could restrict your directory’s potential.
2. Featured Listings
The top listings in your directory will be seen the most, and, in theory, will receive the most clicks.
Most businesses will pay for the benefits that come with being featured prominently in your directory. Allocate the space at the top of your directory for featured listings, and charge a monthly fee.

3. Referral Fees

Business directories are well positioned to charge referral fees/commissions for any business they drive.
A business owner may not have the cash to pay for a spot in a directory. Put some extra cash in his wallet, though, and most will be willing to give you a cut.
Many directories will charge referral fees for the business they drive, or a fixed fee for each click generated.
4. Sell Leads

One of internet marketing’s most timeless of mantras: “the money is in the list.”
Now, in my opinion, every website should be building an email list from day one. When it comes to business directories, things are a little bit different, though.
After all, it’s difficult for you to monetize your list directly — but the businesses listed in your directory can! Essentially, every subscriber is a qualified lead that many businesses will be interested in buying.

How to Build a Directory

Ezydir will use a dedicated design suitable for a directory website, plus all the directory functionality is built-in. On the other hand, using a modules & components allows you to choose any design as you want, and you can simply bolt on the directory functionality you need.
Personally, I’d go with module, simple because it gives you more design options — if you use a directory theme, there are a limited number of designs to choose from.
Whichever option you choose, Ezydir Directory Software is the best solution.

One of the best things about creating a business directory is that you can decide what level of competition you’re willing to take on.
The wider your directory’s reach, the more competition you’ll face. You could go hyper-targeted, focusing on one specific industry in one small town. Or, you could aim bigger and open your directory up to a variety of industries, focusing on a wider geographical area.
This makes them a great way for people of all skill levels to make money.
Do you run your own directory?

Get Free Consultation with Our Experts : info@thesoftlets.com


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Build Your Directory with Successful Design & Ready to Market - Ezydir Brings Ultimate Way !

promoted by : Ezydir - Directory Software 
Directory is a major platform that can be a great tool for building your online visitors. However, having a directory can also backfire on your overall marketing strategy if it has poor layout and usability.

If you’re planning to create a directory or intend to reinvent your current one, here are directory designing mistakes that you need to avoid.
Poor Readability
Having a good interface is not enough; your visitors should be able to read what’s on the website directory. Good content will all be for nothing if it’s not readable. Choose a good font style and a color scheme that matches it.
Chunks of Listing & Short Description
People today don’t immediately read content—they simply skim until they find what they are looking for, and that’s when they’ll pay attention. However, scanning through huge blocks of text can be real painful on the eyes, to the point that it can cause readers to go away. 
Don’t just dump your content on a page and leave it at that. Use headings, subheadings, directory listings, and even deals & offers to break huge chunks of text.
Bad Navigation
Directory should be intuitive. This means it should be built in such a way that visitors could easily navigate around it.
If you’re linking through text, make sure that they stand out. Avoid putting dead links and adding multiple links that lead to the same page. That is just useless.
Too Much Going On
Sure, you want to showcase your creativity & simplicity, but remember that a directory is not about you. It’s about the user and helping them finds what they people looking for.
It can be overwhelming to visit a directory that has too many images, links, details, reviews, events, deals, offers & coupons. While these can improve the overall look of your directory and may even attract attention, going overboard on these extras can be hard on the eyes.
No Search Bar & Advance Search Bar
Whether it’s a directory, corporate website or a blog, a search bar is one of the most important elements that all directories should have. People go to the Web to find answers and solutions, and most won't have the time to go through each of your Web pages to find what they’re looking for. If you don’t provide them an easier way to do so, you’ll lose traffic. 
Background Music
Please. Just don’t. It can be infuriating to open a page only to be surprised when music suddenly blares from your speakers, especially when you’re already listening to something else or if you’re in a place where it would be considered inappropriate.
Only use background music if necessary, and when you do, incorporate user controls so visitors can stop or pause the music whenever they want. 
Good Website directory is anchored on three things: usability, clarity and efficiency. Still, it doesn’t mean that your creativity shouldn't shine through. The key is to create a balance between all these elements.
Happy to start design & develop Directory!


Monday, 26 October 2015

Winning Strategies to Use an Advanced Directory Listing Script

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The following complete control can hand over to our customers for their directory success, the fields which you bring the more visitors in directory platform. Ezydir directory software provider fights against with directory business listing failures & derive the instant solutions how to win.

 Listing Features With Winning Strategies

  1. Set the Fees for submissions or not.
  2. Fees for the entire website or category-specific fees, as your desired choice. 
  3. Control which users can post listings
  4. Automatic renewals 
  5. Allow images, videos, articles, events, deals, offers on listings.  Allow paying users to put more actions on listings. 
  6. Offer Featured listings as an upgrade for better visibility 
  7. User can post their information after getting simple registration 
  8. All Listings can editable & approved by the Admin, for complete control. 
  9. Built-in contact & comment form that can be activated or deactivated as desired 
  10. Setting public and private key for Manual Listing & Secured Listing 
  11. Supported major billing or payment gateways to accept payments such as Paypal, Payumoney etc.
  12. Google Maps integration 
  13. Ratings & Reviews for listings 
  14. Region Control for your listings  
  15. Unlimited Category & Subcategories  
  16. PDF Uploads  
  17. Restricted Features per Payment Level  
  18. Location Based Searches (ZIP search) 
  19. Google Friendly design & development
  20. On-site SEO for Every Listing

Get more consultation about Listing Options & Revenue Ideas from directory script experts.

Hire Ezydir Team with Skype ID : softletsglobal.  Get a free Consultation Now !


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Ready to Generate Leads & Money from Business Directory

Now if you like to make money with directories, you must make a directory website. Generally Web directory site want to design with latest technologies. If you are not able to make eye catching Directory then you can hire ezydir team to make very attractive Business Directory website, because it helps later on to increase traffic. 

When you are buying or making Business Directory website make it search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, because SEO friendly website increase the page rank quickly.

When you complete Business Directory website making then you can also make some guidelines for your site. You can also make Directory submission policies. Do not permit submission that websites which are not six month ages.

When your website has a number of traffic then you can make money with your web directory site very easily. You can earn money by charging submissions, and also offer premier listings which in switch to display the regular listings. You can offer top listing of each category.

Online business directories provide a wonderful possibility for all kinds of local businesses to get new customers. Many business companies understand the benefits of having website, but they haven't it for time and accurate knowledge. So you can start Business Directory website making and earn money out of it very easily.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Bring Your Office Employee & Environment Happy with Ezydir Platform !

The employee directory is one of the best parts of ezydir. It’s paked into our directory software, so everything links back to the employee directory. It’s what makes your employess with social. Here are seven tips to make sure your company is maximizing your employee directory.

1. Use Ezydir Directory Software Sync

Pre-populate as much standardized information as possible. If your company uses Ezydir Directory, you can create custom fields and populate them with information you have already stored.

2. Have a profile photo booth

Putting a face to a name starts with…. well… having a face! Employees may be hesitant to upload a profile photo because they don’t have a nice headshot to use. Have an office photo day where employees can get their headshot taken.

3. Configure fields specific to your business

Using the employee directory to store expertise makes it quicker to locate the right person for the job. For example, at our company we store software programming languages in employee profiles, so you can quickly scan the employee director to find who can help you with a project. We also have a field for languages spoken, so we can find sales and client services people who can communicate with global clients. Other examples are industry specific areas of practice, fields of study, certifications, or first-aid training.

4. Add personal touches

Connecting to co-workers starts with finding what you share in common. We’ve seen clients make their profiles personal by adding “Cake or Pie?” fields, birthdays, pet photos, vacation photos, and more.

5. Save your directory as a mobile icon

This is most personal favourite ezydir feature. Set your intranet as a home screen icon on your mobile phone to quickly access the employee directory. You can call directly from the employee directory and employee profiles screens. Very convenient for conferences, travel arrangements, urgent client issues, or when you accidentally set off the alarm when working on a holiday.

6. Show employees how to upload files, make pages, and add personal RSS feeds.

Your employee profile is not only a great way for colleagues to learn about each other, it’s also a handy personal space for employees to store key files on the intranet. Keep frequently used files or store works-in-progress before sharing them on the directory portal (use the Private button). Employees can also subscribe to their favorite work-related blogs using the content subscriptions feature.

7. Celebrate great profiles

Want to inspire employees to update their own profiles and get to know one another? Celebrate a “Profile of the Month” in your intranet news.

We hope these tips help you on the road to an amazing employee directory!

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How Your Directory Visitors are Really Using Your Directory Often ?

Promoted by : ezydir

Ezydir - directory software provider perfectly provide an unique theme for every customer's requirements inspired by our very successful Directory domain experts. ezydir deeds were compatible with Directory portal, you can switch between layout & themes without loosing your data . There are many things added on top of the Directory functionality making ezydir even better. Ezydir includes Easy Admin that simplify item administration. Users won’t get lost in backend any more .

You’re able to easily set up an online directory portal listing categorized items of any type – companies, shops, websites and so on. ezydir has built in spaces for advertising, you can easily include your google adsense or any other ads. ezydir also includes custom built search and filter of all items and advance marketing tools you add in into online directory.

Ezydir supports Customized Plugin which allows you to create a website in any language.

Ezydir also supports plugin updates & customized changes in every aspects. Automatic updates save your time, your website will be always up-to-date.

NEW features included:

  • Easy Login via menu button
  • Ability to change map color 
  • Top rated items section
  • Newest items section
  • Special offers
  • Reviews section
  • Social icons on item detail page
  • Gallery on item detail page: check it here
  • Absolutely unique features you won’t find on any theme here:
  • Easy Admin – beautiful front end-like access to listing registration and administration without distractions
  • Claiming a listing
  • Geo locate support
  • Front end registration for guests
  • Guests can administer their own listings
  • Paypal payments integration
  • Paypal recurring payments support
  • Interactive Ajax Search
  • Ability to get pointer on the map from address
  • Administrator can define packages and set the price
  • Advertising spaces
  • Custom built Rating system
  • Contact form on listing detail page
  • Listing by location or category
  • Featured items
  • Listing sorting
  • You’re able to set up 5 different headers per any page
  • Google map
  • Google map street view
  • Revolution slider
  • Static/ Dynamic image

Ezydir can use for wide impressive multi-layer business perspective that can be used on any page. Ezydir has adaptive design, easy to use on desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Powerful and Easy to use admin allows you to set up slider, background, logo, reorder sections, choose from unlimited colors, different portfolio layouts, custom post types, custom widgets and tons of shortcodes. 

Ezydir is also SEO optimized and ready to implement the website portal. It includes everything you need to build a corporate/business portal that will sell or listing.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Simple Ways to Keep your Directory can convert Visitors to Customers

Implement Simple & Smooth Directory Website Interaction Options 

More and more visitors & sales are completed solely online. People today are less concerned in and less likely to go to a physical store to check about their products/services, so having directory website is the most important step in increasing traffic & getting visitors. In order to take advantage on this trend, you need to make it as easy and pleasant as possible to serve your products/services online in directory portal.

Luckily, if you got an entire directory website with simple user interaction to give you great solutions to your customer's needs. Make a directory with full-fledged User Interactive.

User Generated Content to your Directory Website

Allowing reviews in your directory sportal can help you boost sales in many ways. First off, they can help get customers to your website from search results. Most of directory portal also wins & stand out by user's reviews as well.

If you have a variety of product/services listing in your website directory, you shouldn’t have to worry about bad reviews. As a matter of fact, a bad review for an inexpensive item could lead to the sale of a more expensive products/services with a good review.

Most of the major directory software platforms offer third party apps, extensions, and plugins that can turn your static directory listing pages into constantly updated pages with reviews. Be sure to look closely at your platform to see which integration will work best for your customer.

Social Media Connections into website directory 

There are two steps to social media integration to your site, and they are both equally important. First, you need to make it easy to share content from your directory. This will increase your customer's listing exposure and make it more likely that new people will discover your business.

Second, you must make it easy for current customers to connect and follow you on social media so people who are already fans will stay up to date and can easily find out about new products and services they might be interested in.

Marketing & Fresh Written Content into website directory

Remember how we mentioned you need to include incredibly shareable content on your website directory? One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is through offering high-quality written content to your directory. Whether you have a blog with new posts regularly or a newsfeed with interesting and relevant new original articles, regularly updating your site with new and engaging content boosts your SEO rankings, increases your authority in your field, and improves the likelihood that people will share your site with others who might be interested in your brand.

Check out our Articles & Blog Posts category to find a writer who you can work with to create new and high-quality content for your site.

Reviews and Feedback at Directory Portal

It’s been proven that reviews are often a deciding factor in whether a potential customer decides to purchase from a certain company. In fact, one recent survey showed that 85% of consumers read online surveys for local business. With review sites like Yelp booming, and the review sections of Amazon and Facebook taking a major role in a business’ success or failure, it is essential to demonstrate your company’s quality through true and honest reviews.

It can be hard for a new company to get that first review though, so that’s why Gigs like this one by Carrieblogger, who will personally test and honestly review your product, can be a great resource.

Stay Beautiful at Directory portal

It may seem unfair, but beautiful sites that catch a user’s eye and make the experience of exploring pleasant simply have a better chance of converting visitors into customers. It could be one of the best investments you’ll make to have an expert take a look at your site and beautify it.

Better yet, contact a pro before you even build your site to get a custom website directory built just for you. Check out Ezydir Website directory Design category for all your beautification needs as per customer's requirements.

With these five elements, your site will attract higher-quality traffic, will be more likely to lead to conversions, and will simply provide a better experience for your customers. With more and more business being conducted online, your website directory is often the first encounter a potential customer will have with your company, so it’s essential to make sure it is the highest quality.

Ezydir is the easiest way to get everything done for your directory at an unbeatable value. Want to try it out for yourself? You’re in luck!