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Friday, 23 October 2015

Bring Your Office Employee & Environment Happy with Ezydir Platform !

The employee directory is one of the best parts of ezydir. It’s paked into our directory software, so everything links back to the employee directory. It’s what makes your employess with social. Here are seven tips to make sure your company is maximizing your employee directory.

1. Use Ezydir Directory Software Sync

Pre-populate as much standardized information as possible. If your company uses Ezydir Directory, you can create custom fields and populate them with information you have already stored.

2. Have a profile photo booth

Putting a face to a name starts with…. well… having a face! Employees may be hesitant to upload a profile photo because they don’t have a nice headshot to use. Have an office photo day where employees can get their headshot taken.

3. Configure fields specific to your business

Using the employee directory to store expertise makes it quicker to locate the right person for the job. For example, at our company we store software programming languages in employee profiles, so you can quickly scan the employee director to find who can help you with a project. We also have a field for languages spoken, so we can find sales and client services people who can communicate with global clients. Other examples are industry specific areas of practice, fields of study, certifications, or first-aid training.

4. Add personal touches

Connecting to co-workers starts with finding what you share in common. We’ve seen clients make their profiles personal by adding “Cake or Pie?” fields, birthdays, pet photos, vacation photos, and more.

5. Save your directory as a mobile icon

This is most personal favourite ezydir feature. Set your intranet as a home screen icon on your mobile phone to quickly access the employee directory. You can call directly from the employee directory and employee profiles screens. Very convenient for conferences, travel arrangements, urgent client issues, or when you accidentally set off the alarm when working on a holiday.

6. Show employees how to upload files, make pages, and add personal RSS feeds.

Your employee profile is not only a great way for colleagues to learn about each other, it’s also a handy personal space for employees to store key files on the intranet. Keep frequently used files or store works-in-progress before sharing them on the directory portal (use the Private button). Employees can also subscribe to their favorite work-related blogs using the content subscriptions feature.

7. Celebrate great profiles

Want to inspire employees to update their own profiles and get to know one another? Celebrate a “Profile of the Month” in your intranet news.

We hope these tips help you on the road to an amazing employee directory!

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