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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Marketing Your Directory is Easy ! Start Now with Advanced Built-in Marketing Modules

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Before start the directory business, it’s important to understand that directory with promotional modules are really about helping businesses join the conversation already taking place on your website. That is helping them reach the audience that you’ve cultivated in a way that provides value for your readers. 

To that end, there are several ways you can help them do so.

1) Integrate your Directory with Social Media Promotions 

Social Media Integration making the Open medium the best place to build your brand, find your services for every listing will take on your directory portal.

2) Contest Module

Best of Contests are a special type of social promotion that worthy its own category. For those publishers with a local directory, this is a great opportunity to promote the directory and sign up for new directory listings. 

While it may not generate much revenue directly (although you can, and should, sell a premium sponsorship for the contest), it will help you drive traffic to your site which in turn will help you sell other things in the future. Plus, readers love them!

3) Reviews Contest Module

If you have a directory that features reviews of local businesses, reviews contests are great way to get businesses to engage with your site/brand. 

For example, you could say the business with the most reviews in the next 30 days will be featured with a full page spread in the next issue (or on the homepage for web only publishers). 

Of course, in order for them to collect reviews, they’ll need to sign up for a free directory listing which in turn you can use to market the benefits of a premium listing or other digital offerings. It will also help you grow your traffic.

4) Banner Ads Module

Banner ads are the most common way people think about monetizing their websites and you could spend hours talking about the pros and cons of all the different options such Google Ads, Ad Networks, Direct sales, etc. However, one thing’s for sure, they should be a part of your strategy but not be the only way you monetize your website.

5) Local Guides / Special Advertising Pages Module

Specialized pages on your website can be used to highlight different topics, areas, events or ideas that are important to your local area. 

For example, you could create a local holiday gift guide, a special page that highlights your historic downtown area or simply provide a list of schools. These pages provide you with great local SEO and also the opportunity to sell exclusive sponsorships to those businesses that wish to be associated with the various topics.

6) Events Calendar Module

The calendar may be one of the most important as it will be the thing that keeps people coming back to your website over and over again. That said, it’s also got limited direct revenue potential. 

You can however offer featured events that show up more prominently for those event promoters looking for added exposure. You can also offer to announce or recap events in an advertorial (see below) for an additional fee.

7) Email Newsletter Module

Email is still one of the most powerful ways to promote businesses. Whether they’re looking to remain top of mind or promote a sale, email sponsorships provide a captivated audience to present their offer.

8) Coupons Module

Offering businesses the ability to offer coupons on your website is another way to increase your directory revenue. This could be in the form of a special page on your directory or further integrated into the directory experience but either way it’s a nice way to keep people coming back to the site while also helping businesses drive new business.

9) Deals/Loyalty Program Module

Deals are a hot topic these days. With sites like Groupon and Living Social offering one time deals with no limits, the deals can quickly get upside down and, if not carefully monitored, can end up costing business money instead of making them money. 

Publishers have the opportunity to take a slightly different approach here. By offering a deals service on a subscription basis, they can help businesses better estimate their costs and promote multiple deals as opportunities arise including deals which are based on a fixed amount of inventory. 

By integrating this into the directory experience you can also incorporate a loyalty program of sorts into the process.

 10) Advertorials Module

Advertorials are educational and/or entertaining articles that are published on your website (although advertorials can be print based as well) that highlight a business or person. The main purpose of advertorials is to help the advertiser brand themselves as the community expert in a given field or topic. 

11) Local Job Board Module

Last on our list, is a community job board. A simple system to help connect local job seekers and local employers without the hassle of complicated systems and recruiters can be a valuable community service. Plus you can charge business a small fee to post their job listings.

Choosing the right medium to help & achieve more from directory portal. Signin to ezydir directory platform to get more promotional & advanced marketing modules. 


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