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Monday, 19 October 2015

Simple Ways to Keep your Directory can convert Visitors to Customers

Implement Simple & Smooth Directory Website Interaction Options 

More and more visitors & sales are completed solely online. People today are less concerned in and less likely to go to a physical store to check about their products/services, so having directory website is the most important step in increasing traffic & getting visitors. In order to take advantage on this trend, you need to make it as easy and pleasant as possible to serve your products/services online in directory portal.

Luckily, if you got an entire directory website with simple user interaction to give you great solutions to your customer's needs. Make a directory with full-fledged User Interactive.

User Generated Content to your Directory Website

Allowing reviews in your directory sportal can help you boost sales in many ways. First off, they can help get customers to your website from search results. Most of directory portal also wins & stand out by user's reviews as well.

If you have a variety of product/services listing in your website directory, you shouldn’t have to worry about bad reviews. As a matter of fact, a bad review for an inexpensive item could lead to the sale of a more expensive products/services with a good review.

Most of the major directory software platforms offer third party apps, extensions, and plugins that can turn your static directory listing pages into constantly updated pages with reviews. Be sure to look closely at your platform to see which integration will work best for your customer.

Social Media Connections into website directory 

There are two steps to social media integration to your site, and they are both equally important. First, you need to make it easy to share content from your directory. This will increase your customer's listing exposure and make it more likely that new people will discover your business.

Second, you must make it easy for current customers to connect and follow you on social media so people who are already fans will stay up to date and can easily find out about new products and services they might be interested in.

Marketing & Fresh Written Content into website directory

Remember how we mentioned you need to include incredibly shareable content on your website directory? One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is through offering high-quality written content to your directory. Whether you have a blog with new posts regularly or a newsfeed with interesting and relevant new original articles, regularly updating your site with new and engaging content boosts your SEO rankings, increases your authority in your field, and improves the likelihood that people will share your site with others who might be interested in your brand.

Check out our Articles & Blog Posts category to find a writer who you can work with to create new and high-quality content for your site.

Reviews and Feedback at Directory Portal

It’s been proven that reviews are often a deciding factor in whether a potential customer decides to purchase from a certain company. In fact, one recent survey showed that 85% of consumers read online surveys for local business. With review sites like Yelp booming, and the review sections of Amazon and Facebook taking a major role in a business’ success or failure, it is essential to demonstrate your company’s quality through true and honest reviews.

It can be hard for a new company to get that first review though, so that’s why Gigs like this one by Carrieblogger, who will personally test and honestly review your product, can be a great resource.

Stay Beautiful at Directory portal

It may seem unfair, but beautiful sites that catch a user’s eye and make the experience of exploring pleasant simply have a better chance of converting visitors into customers. It could be one of the best investments you’ll make to have an expert take a look at your site and beautify it.

Better yet, contact a pro before you even build your site to get a custom website directory built just for you. Check out Ezydir Website directory Design category for all your beautification needs as per customer's requirements.

With these five elements, your site will attract higher-quality traffic, will be more likely to lead to conversions, and will simply provide a better experience for your customers. With more and more business being conducted online, your website directory is often the first encounter a potential customer will have with your company, so it’s essential to make sure it is the highest quality.

Ezydir is the easiest way to get everything done for your directory at an unbeatable value. Want to try it out for yourself? You’re in luck! 


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