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Monday, 26 October 2015

Winning Strategies to Use an Advanced Directory Listing Script

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The following complete control can hand over to our customers for their directory success, the fields which you bring the more visitors in directory platform. Ezydir directory software provider fights against with directory business listing failures & derive the instant solutions how to win.

 Listing Features With Winning Strategies

  1. Set the Fees for submissions or not.
  2. Fees for the entire website or category-specific fees, as your desired choice. 
  3. Control which users can post listings
  4. Automatic renewals 
  5. Allow images, videos, articles, events, deals, offers on listings.  Allow paying users to put more actions on listings. 
  6. Offer Featured listings as an upgrade for better visibility 
  7. User can post their information after getting simple registration 
  8. All Listings can editable & approved by the Admin, for complete control. 
  9. Built-in contact & comment form that can be activated or deactivated as desired 
  10. Setting public and private key for Manual Listing & Secured Listing 
  11. Supported major billing or payment gateways to accept payments such as Paypal, Payumoney etc.
  12. Google Maps integration 
  13. Ratings & Reviews for listings 
  14. Region Control for your listings  
  15. Unlimited Category & Subcategories  
  16. PDF Uploads  
  17. Restricted Features per Payment Level  
  18. Location Based Searches (ZIP search) 
  19. Google Friendly design & development
  20. On-site SEO for Every Listing

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