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Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Most Superior Quality Script to Create Directories for Businesses

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As a professional person, so far easy to use software, Ezydir yields you the capability to create a super fast, able to adjust readily and user-friendly business directory. This is the most beneficial choice for large business directories, as well as small and medium directories.
Developed as a complete solution, the script confirms all common experiences of directory sites such as listings, reviews, products, services, inquiries, forums, banners and logos. The Directory script also backs up with Google Maps as well as directory functionality.
You also have the power to setup your site & to run as a free or a paid listing service by integrating the plans. After your one-time purchase, the script can be installed on your server. From that point, you have complete control over the script and your site as the site administrator.
This is premium directory script without encryption which means you may customize the site at any time in order to fit specific site needs. Integrate the ezydir directory script into an existing site or create a massive full-featured business directory portal with different kinds.Ezydir has built in business models so that you can clone the operations of successful business directory websites.

Ultimate Features with Ezydir – Directory Software
Ezydir is a comprehensive software package that supplies you with a range of options for managing your site while generating revenue.
·        Choose to construct a local / global B2B or a B2C website.
·        Have complete control over your directory by efficiently managing users, plans, listings and ads from the Administrator Panel.
·        The site can be operated as a free service or a paid service to business listings features.
·       Generate revenue by charging users to post ads, products, services or listings. You can also run the site for free if you choose.
·     Reduce the amount of time and cost required to set up and operate a professional business directory or classifieds site.
·    Your site already includes impressive features such as Google Maps, search functionality, Google AdSense, Facebook plugins, a user rating system and payment gateways.
Whether you are searching to begin local & global business directory with ultimate features, you can depict this premium script for your directory website. 

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