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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Directory Listing Software 2016 Revealed with New Features

Back in 2010, we created the first version of our directory listing script. Since then we’ve released three new versions, addressing a number of known issues. In 2015 we completely rebuilt the script from scratch, introducing some handy new features and improvements. The Advanced Directory Listing Script is a highly configurable script, allowing you to simply upload one file into a web-accessible directory, and it’ll be turned into a well formatted, mobile friendly directory browser.

With the release of version 4 or 5 , we’ve got some great new features, including:
  • Full mobile browser support.
  • The ability to upload multiple files and restrict the allowed file-types.
  • Support for restricting access to the script by either password or IP Address white listing (ideal if you want only yourself and clients to have access !).
  • Support for creating new directories and sub-directories.
  • Upload zip files and extract them automatically, with the option to delete the zip file after it’s been extracted.
  • Optionally hide certain file types, names or extensions, as well as directories.
  • Sort file listings by name, size or last modified date.
Finally, the last feature is that the Directory Listing Script now runs faster, and is extremely easy to use! All of the new features can be enabled and disabled individually as an Advanced Directory Listing script has covered with new features of 2016.


To run an Advanced Directory Listing Script on your website, you’ll need to be running Advanced PHP & MySQL. 


Demo script please click here. To setup the script please consult the directory experts.


To install Directory Listing Script. Inside you’ll see a number of options that you can alter. Once you’ve set your options, simply upload add-on into your directory and then browse to it from the web. 
You should now be up and running!


We’re always open to feedback for improvements and suggestions so please leave any ideas in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to incorporate them into a future update.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Seeking the Best Value for New Year Deals & Offers

Tips & Tricks to find the best business or any kind of
directory script with newyear deals & years

Creating directory requires sound knowledge on coding and scripting. The script of the directory decides its fate and functionality. Wrong script can change the functioning and take a toll on the sales.

Directory is still becoming popular with many players entering the market. It is a feel more comfortable to meet and greet. However, establishing the site may require huge investment. To create an affordable way to run a startup company, choosing the directory script is useful.

It not only economizes time but also changes to create customized outlook. Directory script is the new rage in the software industry.  Such an act cuts down the time to build a website from scratch. Moreover, the packed offer makes it easy to establish a requirement for the portal. Here the trick  is to locate the best directory software in the market that has a good reputation.

The status of the directory provider relies on the support, the features in the directory script, upgrades and pricing.

Basic steps to find the best directory script

The basic trick is to lookup on the internet. Only a few have made it to the top spot, even though there are a plenty of providers. An established directory script provider gives a demo and functionality of the script.  What more

A few offers free download to the demo. Such a chore enables the user to realize the functionality of the website.

The very important element is about you to consider the customization options and support from the developers. The demo version provides an opportunity to explore the portal from every corner. It can be the first phase – analyzation – that gives the chance to look at the overall performance of the script.

The demo version of directory script is similar to the actual version. Only that it has a limitation on the number of operable days. During this period, users can access the entire script. The performance depends on the script settings. It is the best way to get a closer look at the features. All these facts give an insight into the software and its ability to manage the huge area of directory software.

No shortcut is available in establishing a directory that satisfies you with script. Using the opportunity to download the demo version of the directory script is a better way to look at its ability. And, finally, the tip is to look at a live website operated by the provider built for other customers.

It will be the final stage in taking a decision on choosing the directory script. Getting hold of the leading software is the key for establishing a successful directory portal that satisfies everyone.

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Thursday, 24 December 2015


Enjoy This Christmas & New Year with an Unbelievably Great Offer At 

Are you searching for smarter version of the Christmas directory script?  Great desire for something new for your work?  High-pitched features for reasonable budget which just befalls into one pack?  Searching for such options have brought you to a place where you possibly will crack the two bolts with one single strike.

Wondering what and how it will be feasible?

Ezydir, introducing abundant of preferences for Christmas directory software script. Ezydir devote fully to such realistic and promising offer for global & local clients who desire to have this software. People might belong on looking after such deals which make their work easier and tension-free.
Some of them which is not effective of buying the deals due to high-pitched while exploration of a new version at low rates.

Here the packages are accessible in rates with Discount of 20%!

To make the business level better and to have elusive modifications in the work, such software are beneficial. Here at Ezydir, you are going to have a wonderful Christmas & New year offer which will make you adhesive to this software.

Ezydir Directory script, an updated version which is presented with abundant of features and exalted packages for you. Earlier you had the version with the same prices, however on this great fiesta, you are going to have discounted programs. There will not be any revision in the quality as we believe to encircle you with the great work, not by keeping the worth and trust at stake.

Underneath this software, there are awesome deals which you may not be able to overlook easily. Depending upon the budget and the work you have, the plans can be availed. Variety of add-ons, paid features  as per the detail, support, license, updations over recent things, and the customization can be done by choosing the required plan.

The distinct packages are start up for beginners to know better, premium with enhanced features, leading to ezydir lite plan with vital and almost all the features.

But, there is no need to suffer, as the higher budget is even accessible in the discount rates. So deal is yours as higher at the lowest in the deal which is kind of free.

Sounds amazing to have a updated version Ezydir directory script at 20% discount rates as Christmas offer & Newyear offer without fault on features which are at your glimpse given by consultation executive - skype id: dhanyapratap, softlets global. Don’t you find this deal enthralling and captivating towards your dreams coming true. Think about it as it may assist you in many other things.

Some initial buyers must be looking for it as they might be lingering the work from last so much time. But at present over at ezydir, the latest version of ezydir directory script is accessible at discount of 20% which is more than anything else. It is rare to locate such offers for yourself.

Promptly, it is notified to avail such startling proposals as such do not last for long. Make your Christmas advanced and your work more enticing by selecting ezydir package and get your own way. Now there is no more to articulate as you can make your celebrations double and such features are not accessible all over the internet. We are here to think for you and to make your work and gifts best for yourself and others.

Offer is astonishing for you, your work and to gift. Ezydir extends great deal with quality, quantity and by keeping in mind to formulate your time far better.

Avail it, deal with us and stand above from the crowd!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Employee Directory Software for Business

Employee Directory Software for Business

          Company Directory & User Profiles let you match a name to a face - and so much more.

·         Ezydir is complete enterprise level employee directory software platform for small businesses to large companies.

·         It features a dynamic employee directory software platform for managing your company directory.

·         Your organization is unique, just like every person in it. That’s why you need a customizable directory tool that helps you showcase your company culture by showcasing the personalities within it.

·         With Ezydir, you set up the information you want each user profile to display, and your community members do the rest.

·         Help your employees discover a friendly face, a spirit, a new contact, or a future collaborator.

·         Grow your business socially in the best way possible with ezydir’s employee directory features.

Benefits of a Company Directory & User Profiles


         Keeps global business person-centric.

·         Unites employees with each other and with clients.

·         Let individuals and organizations show off their unique personalities.

·         Allows you to choose what content to make public.

·         Let you explore all the content an individual has created.

·         Ezydir company directory feature does more than just let you look up a name or number.

·         User profiles help you get to know your community members better, both as professionals  and as people.

Features Overview

·    Users can upload a profile photo or avatar to project a personalized image to the community. Even if you can’t work with employees or clients face-to-face, a profile image can make your interactions feel that much more personal.

·         Users have the opportunity to present their own personalities to the community. Explore your diverse community by letting employees tell you how they see themselves.

·         Fields can be designated as required or optional. This lets you make certain information available for the whole community while still allowing users to choose what information they share.

·         Fields are completely customizable. Let your company culture shine by creating unique fields that represent what’s important to you.

·         Users can decide whether or not to share contact details in their public profile. Achieve greater organizational transparency without losing sight of personal privacy.

·         See a user’s relationships, helping you find a potential contact.

·         Browse all the public content a user has produced by type. Discover the great work your community members are doing and bring it to a wider audience.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

How a Real Estate Agent Can Set Up Real Estate Portal?

promoted by : ezydir 

Present your Real Estate Agency with fully Attracting Website Today

Want to spotlight your real estate business portal? Then selecting to showcase your real estate agency with stunning website can be the first-class idea. Whether you are small or mid-sized entrepreneurs engaged with real estate business website portal, purchasing real estate portal script will be the best option from ezydir.
The real estate portal script is developed with 100% source codes and license file for each domain. It is easy to install and manage. Installation & technical support is free, there are no hidden fees.

Dynamic Real Estate Website script 
The software comes with modern search systems along with flexible parameters. Understanding the business needs and desires this particular PHP script has been developed with different approach with no renewal obligations.
The product will allow an individual owner to easily publish, manage and organize property for sell and rent. A buyer will have full control over the information displayed for each property listing. It will boost your online real estate business and guarantee its success.
What you can get from Ezydir - Directory Software?   

  • User friendly website for your real estate business
  • Fully accessible admin panel
  • Upload images and video clips
  • Add new property to sell or rent
  • View/ edit/ delete a property he or she owns
  • Super- simple templates in latest designing technologies
  • Manage and present relevant graphics in visually appealing manner  
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Social Integrated Add-ons
  • Maximum exposure of product/service        
  • Viewing the booking or rented status 
Get Good Consultation from Ezydir directory software Consultants  

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Very Simple, Fast & Easy to build a Professional Directory website to earn !

promoted by - ezydir 

Do you want to create or build a professional directory website where free or paying members can join or post useful information such as events, ads posting, deals posting and business listings? Then it has now become simple, fast & easy with the help of business directory software. 
Directory software is developed & comes with license file for each domain - a complete package. It can be modified depending upon the needs of buyers.
This Advanced software platform will allow site owners to publish directory driven websites with ease. The product has been designed to provide a recurring revenue stream to any business.   

Business Directory Script with all-in-one Solution  

This script is designed & developed within loads of built-in features & functionalities to help business owners to setup their own online business directories & community guides in a matter of minutes with either a regional or topical focus. The script will enable a buyer to get the ability to sell any combination of listings, featured listings & display advertising with unlimited pricing plans.
Thus, the product is ideal & provides all-in-one solution. It will allow a buyer to do the following- list businesses, individual traders, business events and much more. All the listings can be found under appropriate classification, a buyer can choose categories, create categories, sub-categories and lots more. It is bug free & ready made software easily manageable & installed. Installation & technical support is 100% free.  

What can you get in business directory website? 

  • Build a local directory portal with ease
  • HTML based templates
  • Detailed user dashboards
  • Search , Add, Edit & Merge
  • Detailed & innovative software
  • Payment & invoice reminders
  • Extensive billing & configuration settings
  • Built-in support & options allowing for better security
  • Integrated payment gateways
Thus, this software will provide a complete solution to manage directory based websites in minutes. No technical knowledge is necessary because the product comes with incorporated features rich functionalities & tools. 
There are no hidden fees, update packages is 100% free within 12 months, free copyright removal & lifetime license. 

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Ways & Ideas to Generate Revenue from Your Directory

 promoted by : ezydir 

Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been running a directory for years, ezydir makes it easy to earn money from your site.

Increase Directory Revenue

Here are quick ways to generate revenue from your directory:

Listings and Events 

The Listings and Events modules make it easy to create different membership levels for your users to add their listings or events to your directory. Easily create different levels of visibility and features for each package (i.e. Basic, Silver, Gold, Diamond Level packages), showing fields like video, images, or more detailed contact information only for members who are paying more. You have full flexibility to configure and price what is in each level.


The Classifieds module lets your site members sell anything they wish, using clean categorization and easy organization. Just like the Listings and Events modules you can control the package levels and create different options for each. Provide higher paying options to show more detailed descriptions, map views for location, photos and more.


The Articles module gives your members the opportunity to contribute their own content. You can provide access to the articles by setting a price for your members who want to submit something. Sit back and earn some revenue while your members save you time and effort by creating content for you. As the site administrator you will have the control to edit and approve any new articles before they go live.

Banner Ads

Provide the opportunity for your members or outside sponsors to display targeted banner advertisements on your site. Ezydir built-in options allow you to sell ads at different price points on the top banner (728 x 90), bottom banner (468 x 60), and top right (120 x 90) and through sponsored links (180 x 66). You will have the ability to sell a spot and configure it however you wish, be that via price per impressions or for a set period of time. You can even take out some of the legwork of selling ads yourself and implement your own Google Ad Sense account to streamline your ad sales and start generating revenue with ease.

Build Custom Packages

Develop custom sponsor packages to group any number of the above options together and offer at one set price, with discounts or special promotions. You can set up promotions such as offering a sponsor a banner at a discounted price when they buy a listing on your site. If you run multiple directory sites you can offer multi-site packages where sponsors can buy listings on multiple sites within the same order.
The package builder will even allow you to offer options for offline sponsorship.

Payment Collection Made Easy

Ezydir built-in payment processing allows for self-service checkout for your members so you won’t have to lift a finger to generate some revenue. The integrated payment gateways allow you to set monthly, yearly or a custom amount of days for each recurring payment’s renewal period. The system is also set up to automatically send out email notifications to remind your members when their renewal is due and help you to automate your revenue collection process.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ezydir Directory Software trends for 2016

Promoted by : ezydir - Directory software 

The last 4 years, have seen a turning fast of advertise medium dollars leaving the more traditional mediums of print solutions and moving to various areas online. Within this platform, you can do an actionable idea for driving traffic to your website; it can still be a challenge for advertisers to strain through the expenses of the cyberspace and to find the best places to spend their money online.

This is where online directory platform have been able to gain strong support in the market place. Most modernistic advertisers see directories as attractive & fascinating options with directory features & highly targeted.

Awesome Advertisement Module

With usual purposes including local search websites, product directories, membership guides, and yellow page sites, online directories by cause are highly centered sites. They typically have a general focus by geo-graphical location, industry, subject matter or all of the above.
This format campaigns to bring people together, typically very like-minded groups of people who share the same interests and habits. This provides the ideal landscape for potential marketers and advertisers who are looking to reach a very specific type of audience to get their ads in front of.

Advanced Reporting Module

As a web marketer, banner adverts, sponsorship contents and email newsletter sponsorships provide keen insight into the success of promotional messages, advertising offers and how responsive a given audience is to that message and offer.

These are key factors for marketers and advertisers to be able to estimate their success and determine whether they find their spending to be worthwhile and something they will continue to invest in.

Mastering with SEO Tools

Directory software is tested & fully compatible with the following modules. These modules are required for your website with search engine ranking and only needed if you require the additional functionality provided. These modules are bundled with directory software.



GET A CONSULTATION : SKYPE ID - softletsglobal / Dhanya Pratap


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to Set Price Listings for a Directory Website or Portal ?

Promoted by : ezydir - directory software

We experienced pertaining question inquiring as to what was the best way to price listings, banners and more for a directory website. First of all, there is no one proper way to price your listings and there’s no one standard equation to pricing out your listings.

In our feel, having covered with hundreds of clients and also having experience in the different industry, your pricing model should be competitive to your market specifically.

The price of a high level listing on a directory portal where sponsors include with a lot of features for multi-billion dollar companies is going to be drastically different than a other level listing on your competitor directory portal.

Look at someone whose business is advertising that you’re looking to attract and find out where they are advertising.

One thing we promote all of our clients to do is to concentrate on maintaining the evaluate of your sponsorship.

Here’s an example:

Many marketers can understand and show to be right by providing justification, the price enhance your above but in many cases, when you’re running a local search site, you’re not dealing with savvy marketers, you’re dealing with small business owners who are trying to keep their operational costs to a minimum.

Some things to assist them of when trying to strengthen and support with rewards of your site’s sponsorship:

·        Guaranteed impressions

·        Relevance   

Use Analytic information (search terms, time on site) to SHOW your advertisers that people come to your site to FIND businesses like theirs.

·        Reporting    

Provide your advertiser with a detailed report on how many page views their ad got, how long the average visitor stayed on the site, what they were searching for when they came to the site, how many people clicked on their listing, redeemed a deal, etc.

Get a Free Directory Platform Consultation via Skype ID :  dhanyapratap. or softletsglobal