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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Directory Listing Software 2016 Revealed with New Features

Back in 2010, we created the first version of our directory listing script. Since then we’ve released three new versions, addressing a number of known issues. In 2015 we completely rebuilt the script from scratch, introducing some handy new features and improvements. The Advanced Directory Listing Script is a highly configurable script, allowing you to simply upload one file into a web-accessible directory, and it’ll be turned into a well formatted, mobile friendly directory browser.

With the release of version 4 or 5 , we’ve got some great new features, including:
  • Full mobile browser support.
  • The ability to upload multiple files and restrict the allowed file-types.
  • Support for restricting access to the script by either password or IP Address white listing (ideal if you want only yourself and clients to have access !).
  • Support for creating new directories and sub-directories.
  • Upload zip files and extract them automatically, with the option to delete the zip file after it’s been extracted.
  • Optionally hide certain file types, names or extensions, as well as directories.
  • Sort file listings by name, size or last modified date.
Finally, the last feature is that the Directory Listing Script now runs faster, and is extremely easy to use! All of the new features can be enabled and disabled individually as an Advanced Directory Listing script has covered with new features of 2016.


To run an Advanced Directory Listing Script on your website, you’ll need to be running Advanced PHP & MySQL. 


Demo script please click here. To setup the script please consult the directory experts.


To install Directory Listing Script. Inside you’ll see a number of options that you can alter. Once you’ve set your options, simply upload add-on into your directory and then browse to it from the web. 
You should now be up and running!


We’re always open to feedback for improvements and suggestions so please leave any ideas in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to incorporate them into a future update.

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