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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Employee Directory Software for Business

Employee Directory Software for Business

          Company Directory & User Profiles let you match a name to a face - and so much more.

·         Ezydir is complete enterprise level employee directory software platform for small businesses to large companies.

·         It features a dynamic employee directory software platform for managing your company directory.

·         Your organization is unique, just like every person in it. That’s why you need a customizable directory tool that helps you showcase your company culture by showcasing the personalities within it.

·         With Ezydir, you set up the information you want each user profile to display, and your community members do the rest.

·         Help your employees discover a friendly face, a spirit, a new contact, or a future collaborator.

·         Grow your business socially in the best way possible with ezydir’s employee directory features.

Benefits of a Company Directory & User Profiles


         Keeps global business person-centric.

·         Unites employees with each other and with clients.

·         Let individuals and organizations show off their unique personalities.

·         Allows you to choose what content to make public.

·         Let you explore all the content an individual has created.

·         Ezydir company directory feature does more than just let you look up a name or number.

·         User profiles help you get to know your community members better, both as professionals  and as people.

Features Overview

·    Users can upload a profile photo or avatar to project a personalized image to the community. Even if you can’t work with employees or clients face-to-face, a profile image can make your interactions feel that much more personal.

·         Users have the opportunity to present their own personalities to the community. Explore your diverse community by letting employees tell you how they see themselves.

·         Fields can be designated as required or optional. This lets you make certain information available for the whole community while still allowing users to choose what information they share.

·         Fields are completely customizable. Let your company culture shine by creating unique fields that represent what’s important to you.

·         Users can decide whether or not to share contact details in their public profile. Achieve greater organizational transparency without losing sight of personal privacy.

·         See a user’s relationships, helping you find a potential contact.

·         Browse all the public content a user has produced by type. Discover the great work your community members are doing and bring it to a wider audience.

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