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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to Set Price Listings for a Directory Website or Portal ?

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We experienced pertaining question inquiring as to what was the best way to price listings, banners and more for a directory website. First of all, there is no one proper way to price your listings and there’s no one standard equation to pricing out your listings.

In our feel, having covered with hundreds of clients and also having experience in the different industry, your pricing model should be competitive to your market specifically.

The price of a high level listing on a directory portal where sponsors include with a lot of features for multi-billion dollar companies is going to be drastically different than a other level listing on your competitor directory portal.

Look at someone whose business is advertising that you’re looking to attract and find out where they are advertising.

One thing we promote all of our clients to do is to concentrate on maintaining the evaluate of your sponsorship.

Here’s an example:

Many marketers can understand and show to be right by providing justification, the price enhance your above but in many cases, when you’re running a local search site, you’re not dealing with savvy marketers, you’re dealing with small business owners who are trying to keep their operational costs to a minimum.

Some things to assist them of when trying to strengthen and support with rewards of your site’s sponsorship:

·        Guaranteed impressions

·        Relevance   

Use Analytic information (search terms, time on site) to SHOW your advertisers that people come to your site to FIND businesses like theirs.

·        Reporting    

Provide your advertiser with a detailed report on how many page views their ad got, how long the average visitor stayed on the site, what they were searching for when they came to the site, how many people clicked on their listing, redeemed a deal, etc.

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