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Monday, 3 October 2016

  Are you a property dealer planning to make some cash?- Create your own real estate directory and get customers from worldwide.

Real estate is a remunerative business where you can buy and sell properties. There are different types of properties like raw land or a fully furnished house or apartments, through which you can make substantial amount of money. You can increase the value of a land and sell it to the customers with big budget thereby beating the market. The easiest way of making money is to become the buyer’s agent and show and sell the houses to the buyers.


    You can make money by being a buyer’s agent but it is a tough job as it takes a lot of time to work with the buyers. The buyer’s don’t get easily settled by the options you give, they demand more and therefore it takes hours to show houses to the buyers before they decide upon one.

Money can be made in real estate business by becoming a listing agent for the seller. Listing agent’s job is different from buyer’s agent. A listing agent helps the seller set a price for the property, keep it ready to sell, list the homes in Multiple Listing Service (MLS), interact with buyers and negotiate the price and complete the transaction process. Listing takes lesser time than helping buyers buy a home and therefore listing agents can make more money.

Instead of being all over the shop, people in today’s world have turned to the Internet because most of the business deals occur online and Internet is a hub for many real estate sites. A fascinating website can create or generate a property deal. Iproperty clone is a well known real estate website where people buy the property of their choice.There are other international real estate portals such as Malaysia Properties, Hong Kong Property, GoHome.com.hk, Squarefoot.com.hk, Macau Property,Thailand Property etc. Nowadays, people don’t travel all the way to see the property, they just sit back at home and flicker their fingers on their computers and check out the property. To make the purchase easy for the customers, the real estate websites have a lot of pictures of the property.

    Property locator feature is an added advantage for the home buyers because they can search and find out the properties for sale in the places of their interest. This feature has a sub feature of sorting the property on the basis of location, price, zip code etc, which helps the customers to easily locate what they are searching for.

Ezydir is not associated with these portals, but we can surely help you in starting a similar real estate portal. To know more about Ezydir-click here. To see the real estate directory script-click here.

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