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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Promoting a Business through Social Media

With the advent of Social Media the way of functioning of the world has changed. Social Media is a platform that connects one person with the rest of the world. Social Media is no longer a platform where people build their social relations but now it is being used as platform for promoting business. Do you own a business, but have not used social media platforms for promotion? Then I suggest that you better get started. In order to be in the competition and in business you need to adapt to all changes and techniques of promotion. Social media escalates your efforts so that you get introduced to world and engage a wider audience to grow your business.

Techniques of promotion

Visual Treat: Upload your gallery with images that drive engagement from the users and visitors. Upload images with every post so those can be shared when you repeatedly post them to social media.


Title Tags: Write some creative and engaging title tags to your content so that people get attract towards it at first glance. Titles play a really important role because visitors don’t have the time to go through all the articles and if your title is engaging then you have more chances of luring traffic to your business.

Share at the right moment:  Simply sharing your post will not do any good. Your aim is target audience and in order to do so you need to be well aware of their timings like when do people come online and go offline. As people say- You have to hit the hammer only when the iron is hot, the same you have plan your postings and compile a posting schedule to ensure that you make your postings during a certain time of day.


Questions: The best of engagement is by asking question. Don’t just post links, but ask some interesting and funny question so that people get interested and answer them. The main reason behind this is that social media was created to increase human connection not for business promotion, so if you wish to promote your business you need to make connections.

Updates: You must make sure that your page has enough content before you make friends online. People will check out your page before they start following you so you have to give them a reason to follow you first. Give information about the your business. Post pictures of your business. Post videos of your business, customer experiences on YouTube and encourage customers.

Benefits of Promotion

Recognition: You have to be recognized in order to increase your business. Social Media platforms help you get recognition from public because most of the people are connected via Social Media, hence it becomes your top priority where you can do client hunting. This is important because it makes you easily accessible to new customers and familiarizes you with existing clients.

Increased Loyalty: People trust things that they see frequently and as we all know that people are attached with social media platforms, so in order to get their loyalty you have to step in their shoes. A well executed social media plan could help in converting the consumers into brand loyal beings.

Chances of Conversion:  The postings made by you on social media platforms provide an opportunity for consumers to convert. You get access to new customers, recent customers, and old customers, and you can interact with all of them together. There are chance that people would react to your  posts and every reaction could lead to a site visit, and eventually a conversion. 

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