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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Clone Scripts from Ezydir

Ezydir is an Online Local Business Directory creating software. We also offer custom web development solutions and website cloning services. Our development is highly scalable, robust and user-friendly which gives your clone script a very competitive advantage. The programming is done by taking the usability into account and search engine optimization (SEO) that will your thousands of dollars which you were to spend on your marketing. With Ezydir's unique website clone scripts and custom website clone design and development solutions, you don't have to worry on those grounds as we do sufficient research and planning before the project execution.

Our ready made website clone scripts and platforms are like plug-n-play solutions, developed in PHP Phalcon and HTML5. We have done enormous amount of R&D studying popular websites out there on the internet and hand picked some of the most popular websites which are in demand to come up with our range of unique website clones which you can find in our website Ezydir. The reason our PHP clone scripts are unique is simply because none of them are a 'copy' of the website from where they are inspired. Ezydir's custom website clone solution enables you to run your own unique website which is similar to the website it is inspired from and in addition can have its own unique range of features, functionality and UI design, which will separate it from other website. The main benefit of customizing your website clone is that along with standard functionality you can further get your own unique and niche market ideas implemented.

Our focus is to create custom made website clone platforms and clone scripts among various domains, industry verticals and categories such as online marketplaces, online reservation booking, travel network, hotel booking, e-commerce, job portal, social network among others. You can get custom website clone solution for any of the popular website you like. You can simply search on our website to find out about the clone scripts or you can simply drop us an Request for Proposal/Quote to find out how much it would cost to design and develop a website similar to the one that you want to clone.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Seek Medical Assistance with an Online Doctors Directory

What is a Doctors Directory?

Doctors Directory provides complete information to people about the doctors. These directories are visited on a regular basis by large number of people to locate medical consultants or healthcare specialists. The medical directory includes list of doctors and along with their details and information to know the location of the medical center, their working hours and medical care and facilities. Online Doctors Directory will help people locate nearby hospitals and doctors based on the causality like Dentists, Orthopedics, Cardiologist, General physician, Urologist, Gynecologist and many more.

Doctors Directory helps in improving the visibility of the doctors over the internet and allows them reach large number of people at once. These Directories provide them ratings and benefits that earns them credibility. Doctors and Physicians answer the health-related questions of people and assist them with right medication and treatment. Online doctors directory makes people search easily for the doctors or medical consultants. Users get adequate information on the doctors and specialists as per their requirement. People get opinions and ratings given to the doctors and medical consultants help them to choose a right doctor.

Salient Features of an Online Doctors Directory

Advanced Search

The users and visitors will have access to advanced search so that they easily locate a hospital or doctor’s clinic which they are looking for. Advanced search option allows users to filter their searches based on city, state and country.

Browse by categories

To make it easier people to find the desired doctors, categories will be created based on the specialty of the doctor like general physician, heart surgeon, Dentists or Orthopedics etc.

Online Appointment

Patients can find the timings on the directory and can make an appoint through the directory so that they could avoid going to the hospital and wait in the queue until their turn comes.

Rating System

Ezydir offers to its clients the option of rating and review where the user can rate a particular listings. Users can write their experiences with the doctors which will help the doctors gain popularity and more patients.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

How Google Analytics works in your favor?

What is Google Analytics and What does it do?

Google Analytics is a free Web Analytics service given by Google so that website publishers could keep the tracks and reports of the traffic on their website. It is considered as one of the most important tool in Search Engine optimization. Most of the online Businesses or website use the services of google analytics. If you know to use google analytics then will help you measure your website traffic, ad revenue, SEO, engagement and track the social media activities.

The Google Analytics cookie stores a unique identifier which allows the website  to recognize you during your revisit. It also stores the information about the pages your web browser visits. It keeps the track of when did the browser visit a website and how long the user remained on that page or website. This is all done through the IP address of your Computer, Laptop. Mobile or tablet through which the Google Analytics receives the browser's location.

Features of Google Analytics include:

  • The tools for data visualization include a dashboard, motion charts that displays changes in data over time and finally scorecards.
  • Integrated with other Google products, such as Google Ad-words, Public Data Explorer and Website Optimizer.
  • E commerce tracking.
  • Connect to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Custom reports.
  • Sharing and communication through Emails.

What are Benefits of using Google Analytics?

Track Traffic Source

Google Analytics allows us to know how visitors come to our website like how many people visited our website through external or referral links from other website, how many users visited through paid advertisements or organic searches from search engines. This helps us in calculating the various ways of traffic sources and whether our advertisements are in good use and luring more traffic.

Check Page Popularity

Google Analytics gives information about the most popular or frequently  visited pages on our website.  This information helps us to know which pages of our website are liked by the visitors so that the content can be improved to get more traffic. Using the information provided by analytics  you can do a new copy writing on any page that is not converting well and it will eventually we can improve the website pages to generate more revenue.

Traffic flow

Google Analytics displays the traffic flow on our website so that understanding the statistics of our visitors becomes easy. It specifically shows the traffic that are coming from desktops, mobiles or tablets and accordingly the flow can be managed. We can see the visitors responses of the visitors on our landing pages. We can see the bounce rate so that we can work and improve those pages.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is determined based on the page views. The bounce rates are high when visitors only view a single page before leaving and it happens because we are not providing relevant information or the visitors accidentally visited our website. The bounce rate of our website depends on the content quality and relevance. This helps us to improve the landing pages with high bounce rate.

Visitor’s Information

Google Analytics gives us the information about the visitors visiting our website. We can see from which the visitors is accessing our website like the country and city. This helps us to understand whether marketing campaigns or keywords will help in getting more traffic. We can improve and modify the content so that we maintain our old visitors and at the same time we also receive new visitors.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Why Blogging is important for an online business?

What is a blog?

A blog is a really important part of an online business because it updates people with your endeavors and achievements. Blogs have just moved on to become more than mere online diaries. Internet has becomes a medium for social activity and that is how Blogs have gained popularity. Blogging nowadays has become very important because it informs people about the new advancements in the field commerce, education and technology. There are millions of people who read blogs to update their knowledge. In the recent time every business has started making use of the blog as a part of their marketing strategy. Blogs consist of links that redirect people to your website, where people get to know more about your business and what you do.

A blog provides a voice to the company. It becomes a place where people could talk about new products or services,  and comment on news topics or market trends. Blogs are the kind marketing investments that are cost-effective because the blogs you write is helps in increasing your brand awareness and promote your products and services. Blog encourages interaction, comments and feedback. You must not discourage your followers and regularly reply to their comments. A blog will earn you the trust of your Customers as they will consider you as a reliable resource for information on your industry and then finally they will come to you to buy your services.

5 Basic & Important Steps for Good Blogging & SEO

Keyword Research

Doing a Keyword research is really important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You must be aware of what your potential readers must be looking for on the Internet. You should put yourself in the shoes of your readers and search for keywords and phrases mostly preferred by a reader. Generally people do not like to write a whole sentence to find an information therefore they type few words and the search engines provide them the results.

Use Keywords in your Content

After hunting for the keywords you have to include it in your blog content like Title, Headings & subheadings, Introductory sentence, Concluding paragraph, Anchor text and Title tags and meta descriptions. Try not to  fill your content with the keywords otherwise it will become repetitive and will irritate your readers.

Use Keywords in Images

It is important to upload pictures in your blog so that it becomes more engaging but you also be careful about the fact that the search engines must recognize them. In order to do that you must use your keywords in the file name and  in the description of the image.

Use Back-links

Trying to build links by providing information and links about different topics so that people get redirected to that page as well. Internal linking or back links is a healthy activity in terms of SEO. these links will result in higher search engine rankings.

Blog Subscription

You must make sure that you never run out of readers, therefore you must include RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons so that readers could hit that start following your feeds. This will help readers by sending notification to them and they don’t have to periodically visit your website.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Double the Entertainment with Movie Theaters Directory

The most preferred form of entertainment is movies. People love watching movies disregarding the fact whether it’s good or bad. Movies always engage people and amuses them. Aren’t you a movie fan yourself? As we know we live in the Internet era where you can access every information by flickering your fingers on the computer. The same way people use movie theaters directory to find out information about a movie like the show timing, the theater location and the ticket price. You necessarily don’t have to own a theater to start a directory. You just have to list the name of theaters along with their contact numbers and addresses, functioning in your city, state or country. Theaters owners are always in need of a promotional platform to give their theaters a larger reach. Your directory could be the one they could use for promoting their theaters. You can charge your sponsors for offering different features on your directory.

Features of a Movie Theaters Directory

Search by Category

The advanced search option allows the users and visitors easily search  the details of the movie they want to watch. Using the advanced search option users can filter their searches based on city, state or country. Visitors will be able to find the details like name and location of the theater in which the movie is being run.

Online Booking

In order to save the time and the ticket, users can easily book the tickets so that when they reach the theater, they don’t get to hear that the tickets have been sold out. The directory will be integrated with payment gateways so that users can use their credit/debit cards to make the payment for advance booking.

Articles and News

In the Articles and News section, the sponsors can post information about upcoming movies  along with the opening dates of advance booking. People love watching movie and read updates about movies and therefore an article and news section will surely be an added advantage to a movie theater directory.

User Review

Having a review section in a directory not only helps the audience but it also benefits the directory because people get opinions from others before doing anything. The same way review section will allow users to write  their opinions so that it can be seen by people and if your services are good, you may get positive reviews which will benefit your business

Create your directory with Ezydir Movie Theaters Directory script

Ezydir Movie Theaters Directory script uses PHP Phalcon framework for developing directories. We create directories with utmost care so that our clients get the profit. We apply all the major seo strategies so that your site comes up on the top of the search engine results. All the moviegoers prefer to book their tickets and in such cases your directory would be of great help for them. As we said, we take care of our customers and make sure that they are profited by our services. To help them expand their business we also develop mobile applications that run on iOS and Android platforms. Mobile apps are preferred more by people because it is easier and faster to access. The loading time in mobile apps are lesser than the amount taken by web browsers. Above all apps provide a credibility to a business and attracts more customers.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Online Job Search Directory

     Job is really important for a person because it decides an individual’s survival in this world. People are always in look out for job and in the age of Internet, job hunting has become a lot easier with various online job portals. Internet has changed the way businesses are done, every business has become online. People in today’s world do not have to travel from one place to another place with their resumes, all they have to do is just it back at home and post their qualifications along with their personal details on online Job directories and they start receiving calls from various companies. Online directory business is a lucrative business and the owner can generate revenue through various ways.

     If you are planning to start an online directory then an online Job Search Directory would be a great idea to begin with. There are various online job finding directories functioning around the world such as Monster.com, JobStreet.com, JobsCentral Malaysia, Splashfind. You can also very well set up your own Job search directory and make money. The idea behind Job search directory is to connect companies who are looking for an employee with a person who is looking for a job.  Online Job Search Directory makes the process  of finding a job more efficient by offering a series of job listings, resources, and directories that will help people in the job searching process.

Features of an Online Job Search Directory

Advanced Search and Filter: The directory will be filled with numerous listings and therefore Advanced Search and Filter helps people in easily sort out their desired option from the available categories. The search will list out the details of all the companies that are currently looking for people to hire for the searched post.

Unlimited Listings: As a directory owner you can allow your sponsors to post their details on your directory which can be seen by the job hunters. You can display unlimited amount of Business Listings on your directory page.

Google Map Integration: Your online Job Search directory will be integrated with Google map so that users could browse for their desired job in different locations. Companies can post a vacancy information for any of their branches functioning in a place and it becomes easier for the users to find one.

Ezydir-The Online Job Search Directory Script

Ezydir is an online local business d directory developing software with customers worldwide. We have created many directories for our customers worldwide. We will boost your directory with features that will help you generate maximum revenue from your clients. There are different ways of generating revenues with a directory. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

Travel and Tourism Directory

A directory for planning and executing holiday plans

The best way of getting away from your tiresome lives and spend some quality time with your family and friends is to go on a tour. People love to travel and explore new places. Travel is something that people never say no to. Travel and Tourism industry is one of the lucrative businesses around the world as people frequently visit different places. Travel and Tourism industry is a blooming business, expanding their reach to the world and introducing people to new places, cultures & traditions. Tourism is an important and vital source of income for many regions and countries. There are various Tour and Travel agencies functioning around the globe offering people a vibe of their natural heritage and beautiful locations.

As travel and tourism industries generate substantial revenue, you could generate some revenue of your own. Unlike Travel or tourism agencies you do not have to start a travel & tourism agency, you just have start an online directory where you can list the details of the companies working in travel & tourism. As you are aware of the fact that, with the advent of Internet everything has changed and it have opened a portal where people could have access to anything and connect with different people staying thousands of miles away from your location. All the businesses use internet as a platform for the expansion and an Online Travel and Tourism directory is one such platform for the people in travel & tourism industry.

An Online directory is an easy and fastest way of generating revenue from an online business. Travel & Tourism agencies are always in look out for platforms that will provide a boost to their business. There are many ways of generating revenue from an online travel and tourism directory. You can manage to link up with many other businesses where they will pay you for displaying their details on your page. Your can have various categories on your website. You can not only list the details of travel and tourism agencies but also display the list of tourist spots in a particular region, hotels where people could stay etc.  you can provide a perfect platform with every facility that will help people to plan and execute their trip without any ruckus.

Something about Ezydir

Ezydir is an Online directory creating software. A team of dedicated members burn the candles at both ends to provide excellent results. Ezydir Directory script supports all common features of directory sites such as listing, classifieds, deals, articles, banners and many more additional features also. Business script is also SEO friendly & User Friendly. Our script is highly secured that no one accesses it without our permission. 
Discover more Ezydir scripts for developing various online directories.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Explore exclusive Wedding packages with a Wedding Directory

A wedding is complete and successful when you have everything that a wedding event takes, like wedding venue, photographers, decoration experts, catering services travel arrangements etc. In the rapidly growing modern world where technology has become the center for almost everything, you and your directory could play a pivotal role in arranging a grand wedding. People spend money like water when it comes to wedding and your directory makes sure that their money is not wasted on wrong things, in order to do so you have provide the details of the best service providers to the your users which will benefit you as well as your sponsors. A wedding directory has lot of services to offer to the users.


Categorize your Wedding Directory with A-1 services

You can categorize and subcategorize your directory services and allow the users to use Advanced Search option so that they can easily find their desired Listing or Offer. You can list the details of All in one service providers as well as Individual service providers.

a) All in One: All in one refers to all the wedding related services like venue, decoration, bridal make-up, food and beverages etc. are provided by a single supplier. There are various merits and demerits of choosing an All in one service but that must not concern you because you are the directory owner and what your users buy is definitely not of your primary interest.

Merits of All in One services

•Everything Store: Generally the wedding venues have their own set of suppliers. This option saves users the trouble of choosing the right from hundreds of options. Everything will be arranged by the wedding planner.

• Fixed Price: When the users choose an All in One package then they pay a huge some to the organizer that includes all the services required for a wedding. The users do not have to worry about  the taxes, delivery charges, setup fees, travel fees or tips etc. because it will all be included in the package price. Budgeting becomes a lot easier with this service.

•Time Saving:
All in One service is not only a money saving deal but also a time saving technique. People are busy with their lives and when it comes to wedding their lives become more busy and stressed. With  All in One service the users would not have spend weeks and months roaming everywhere for making the best arrangements.

•Facile Communication: One the user has chosen the All in One service the communication becomes easy between the user and service provider. The wedding planner will get the gist of how the user wants the wedding to happen and all the guests are also satisfied.

Demerits of All in One services

Limited Options: The All in One services provide everything but when you get everything in one package the power of choosing is taken away from you. The users will only have access to the services offered by the wedding planner and will not be able to browse for more options. If the user has some special demands then he/she will be charged extra.

•No Negotiation: With All in One services there will be no room for negotiation. The prices are fixed and therefore the user cannot argue for a discount until and unless the service provider has some offers or discounts.

Wedding arrangements
b) Individual Suppliers: Individual suppliers are separate business owners who provide their services to a wedding event. They have their own prices and standards that could be helpful for the user. Like All in One services, the option of Individual Suppliers also have certain merits and demerits which again are the concerns of users and not the directory owner.

Merits of Individual Suppliers

•Greater Options: The users have a bag of options when they decide to go for Individual Suppliers. They have the liberty of categorizing and choosing the best services for the wedding. There are thousands of wedding suppliers and the user only has to pick one that satisfies the user’s requirement.

•Negotiation Possibility: There is a scope for negotiation when it comes to Individual suppliers. Various services have various rates and the user can easily negotiate the price of a service as he will have his hands full of many other options.

Demerits of Individual Supplier

Difficulty in Communication: Sometimes more options tend to confuse things same way when there are so many organizers communicating with them and making the things go right is really difficult but not impossible.

•Time Wastage: As the user has to go and individually meet all the organizer it will automatically disturb the time management and it will increase the stress level of the user.

Catering Services

Amazing Wedding Directory features that Ezydir offers

a) Advanced Search: Ezydir’s Advanced Search option allows visitors to customize a search with the given fields like category, keywords, and features where the user can select venue, caterers and photographers etc.

b) Social Sharing: The directory will be integrated with Social media platforms so that the users can share information about their services on the social media pages. The users can write reviews that might prove helpful in attracting more traffic.

c) Article Section: The sponsors can write and post articles in the Article section with beautiful pictures that will tempt users to buy their services. Admin can allow the authors to create an account, update their profiles and submit new articles once the payment has been made.

d) Ads and Banners: Your directory can also be used as a platform for promotions. Your sponsors can make use of the free space on your directory to display their ads and banners which will lure traffic to their website.

Know us! Who we are and what we do?

Ezydir is an online directory creating software and we have developed online directories for our customers around the world. Our primary focus is that our clients make the best out of the directory hence we incorporate stunning features in the directory that enables our clients to get maximum profit. Find more about the various revenue generating techniques with a directory.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

SEO features of Ezydir

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is method of making your website visible to everyone. When a visitor requests a search, the search engines browse the entire web and displays the results based on the keywords entered by the visitors. The main search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. These three search engines are preferred by the people and a website is optimized to display their names in the search lists of these search engines. Keywords are the most important component of SEO because people are always in hurry and they only type few words related to the topic and the results appear and that is how search engines are designed, to display the ranks based on the keywords.

How Ezydir’s SEO works?
The SEO related activities can only be controlled from the Admin end. Ezydir helps you in developing a website and once the website has been developed the admin control is handed over to the owner. The owner can either customize the site for higher Search Engine rankings or we can help them in setting up their web site. So, the basic thing that we need is generating keywords. This is the most crucial and important part of Search Engine Optimization because it decides whether your website will get traffic or not. Firstly, as an owner you need to be careful with your choice of words to be uploaded in SEO. You must write in common man’s tongue that is you must choose common and simple words that are used by everyone because people will look for websites with these words only. They will never type a complicated word in search bars neither will the search engines recognize it.

Secondly, the keywords that you choose must be strictly related to your business otherwise you will  not be luring traffic to your site instead you will redirecting them to another site. For example: If you own an Automobile Directory then the keywords that you must type apart from your website name are cars, bikes, trucks etc. Sometimes typing the location of your functioning also helps in getting traffic.

3 major components of Seo
Title: You have mention your page’s title in this section and then type your company’s name separated by a comma(,) or a vertical bar(|).
Seo Description:  Seo Description is the little explanation that you provide about the page. It is really important because the content written here will appear in the search engine results below the title that you have given to your page. This description is exclusively for search engines to recognize and it will not appear anywhere in your site.

Keywords: In this section as mentioned above you have to fill the desired keywords for luring traffic to your site and for higher search engine rankings. Keep your words simple and concrete.

Special SEO features of Ezydir

Blog: Every website has a Blog page where the latest achievements or information of the company is updated so that people could read it. Ezydir designs Blog section based on certain parameters like Name/ category/place, so that it becomes easily visible in the search engine results whenever a visitor requests a search with the related keywords.

Listings: Listings are the main part of a directory or let just say, it is the driving wheel of a directory, because Listings are the details of various business functioning in particular region. The SEO features offered by Ezydir for Listings is again arranged in a form. First comes the url followed by a category and then the sub category. This is helpful for the search engines to categorize the search results and get maximum traffic to your site. The listings generate unlimited amount of links and all these can be fed to search engines.

Classifieds: The section that every website has is the Classifieds section. Classifieds section displays different offers to the visitors. Classifieds in Ezydir’s SEO module are arranged according to Pricing then the Category that they fall in like automobiles, accessories, dresses etc. The Search Engines recognize the classifieds based on fields mentioned and display it in the search results, for getting traffic to the client’s site.

Data Backup: Change is a never ending process and in order to be in the market you have to adapt to changes. In this digital era it is really important to be updated. Sometimes you develop a new website and you have to transfer the entire data from the database to the new website. It is practically impossible to write Seo commands for the entire data, but in Ezydir we can import/export the entire data along with the pre-written SEO commands so that the client does not have to face any problem.

News Updates: The SEO feature of the NEWS Update section working according to the date and time schedule. The results appear on the search engine rankings based on the recent updates. In order to be on the top of the search engine results,  you have to continuously update your website so that the time quotient is fulfilled.

Optimized Mobile View: As we know that people use mobile phones (either on the browsers or on the mobile apps more than they use computers and therefore most of the websites are customized to mobile displays. Ezydir is also customized for Mobile viewing, the alt tags applied on images is accepted by search engines and when the links are pressed the images that appear on the web pages automatically change into Mobile view.

Difference between Directory SEO and Local SEO

Directory SEO: A directory has unlimited links within it and the Seo features of a directory allows it to update all the links to the search engines without any problem, so that it will appear on the search results. Directory SEO can also be said as Organic SEO - is a marketing technique by which your website is optimized so that it becomes search engine friendly and get higher ranking based on the relevant keywords. This revolves around an Internet based website which might or might not have a geographical location. Bloggers, Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, internet-based business use this SEO to improve their search engine rankings. The websites or directories those who have content that can be trusted and will be helpful to the users are ranked in Organic SEO.
For Example: If you search Real Estate, many results will appear but the top rankings results are the ones that the search engines believe are true and can be trusted.
Organic SEO is used by websites that might or might not have a geographic location. It can be influenced by the location, but is definitely not attached to a particular place like in building or other structures. Organic results are a mix of businesses, articles, blogs, news, social media profiles etc. Organic search and results are not based on locations.

Local SEO: Local SEO is building reliable and relevant signals around specific locations. A normal website has limited links which may or may not be able to recognized by the search engines. Local SEO is different because it is associated with a particular location or place.
          For Example: When you search Real Estate then all the real estate that function in your locality are listed. The local results are based on customer ratings, reviews and other information about the business like workings hours, directions, phone number, address etc.

The websites that appear on the organic SEO are trustworthy and genuine. Ezydir is specialized with organic SEO and therefore we have worked with various customers around the globe.

Know more about SEO, Ezydir and its features