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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Explore exclusive Wedding packages with a Wedding Directory

A wedding is complete and successful when you have everything that a wedding event takes, like wedding venue, photographers, decoration experts, catering services travel arrangements etc. In the rapidly growing modern world where technology has become the center for almost everything, you and your directory could play a pivotal role in arranging a grand wedding. People spend money like water when it comes to wedding and your directory makes sure that their money is not wasted on wrong things, in order to do so you have provide the details of the best service providers to the your users which will benefit you as well as your sponsors. A wedding directory has lot of services to offer to the users.


Categorize your Wedding Directory with A-1 services

You can categorize and subcategorize your directory services and allow the users to use Advanced Search option so that they can easily find their desired Listing or Offer. You can list the details of All in one service providers as well as Individual service providers.

a) All in One: All in one refers to all the wedding related services like venue, decoration, bridal make-up, food and beverages etc. are provided by a single supplier. There are various merits and demerits of choosing an All in one service but that must not concern you because you are the directory owner and what your users buy is definitely not of your primary interest.

Merits of All in One services

•Everything Store: Generally the wedding venues have their own set of suppliers. This option saves users the trouble of choosing the right from hundreds of options. Everything will be arranged by the wedding planner.

• Fixed Price: When the users choose an All in One package then they pay a huge some to the organizer that includes all the services required for a wedding. The users do not have to worry about  the taxes, delivery charges, setup fees, travel fees or tips etc. because it will all be included in the package price. Budgeting becomes a lot easier with this service.

•Time Saving:
All in One service is not only a money saving deal but also a time saving technique. People are busy with their lives and when it comes to wedding their lives become more busy and stressed. With  All in One service the users would not have spend weeks and months roaming everywhere for making the best arrangements.

•Facile Communication: One the user has chosen the All in One service the communication becomes easy between the user and service provider. The wedding planner will get the gist of how the user wants the wedding to happen and all the guests are also satisfied.

Demerits of All in One services

Limited Options: The All in One services provide everything but when you get everything in one package the power of choosing is taken away from you. The users will only have access to the services offered by the wedding planner and will not be able to browse for more options. If the user has some special demands then he/she will be charged extra.

•No Negotiation: With All in One services there will be no room for negotiation. The prices are fixed and therefore the user cannot argue for a discount until and unless the service provider has some offers or discounts.

Wedding arrangements
b) Individual Suppliers: Individual suppliers are separate business owners who provide their services to a wedding event. They have their own prices and standards that could be helpful for the user. Like All in One services, the option of Individual Suppliers also have certain merits and demerits which again are the concerns of users and not the directory owner.

Merits of Individual Suppliers

•Greater Options: The users have a bag of options when they decide to go for Individual Suppliers. They have the liberty of categorizing and choosing the best services for the wedding. There are thousands of wedding suppliers and the user only has to pick one that satisfies the user’s requirement.

•Negotiation Possibility: There is a scope for negotiation when it comes to Individual suppliers. Various services have various rates and the user can easily negotiate the price of a service as he will have his hands full of many other options.

Demerits of Individual Supplier

Difficulty in Communication: Sometimes more options tend to confuse things same way when there are so many organizers communicating with them and making the things go right is really difficult but not impossible.

•Time Wastage: As the user has to go and individually meet all the organizer it will automatically disturb the time management and it will increase the stress level of the user.

Catering Services

Amazing Wedding Directory features that Ezydir offers

a) Advanced Search: Ezydir’s Advanced Search option allows visitors to customize a search with the given fields like category, keywords, and features where the user can select venue, caterers and photographers etc.

b) Social Sharing: The directory will be integrated with Social media platforms so that the users can share information about their services on the social media pages. The users can write reviews that might prove helpful in attracting more traffic.

c) Article Section: The sponsors can write and post articles in the Article section with beautiful pictures that will tempt users to buy their services. Admin can allow the authors to create an account, update their profiles and submit new articles once the payment has been made.

d) Ads and Banners: Your directory can also be used as a platform for promotions. Your sponsors can make use of the free space on your directory to display their ads and banners which will lure traffic to their website.

Know us! Who we are and what we do?

Ezydir is an online directory creating software and we have developed online directories for our customers around the world. Our primary focus is that our clients make the best out of the directory hence we incorporate stunning features in the directory that enables our clients to get maximum profit. Find more about the various revenue generating techniques with a directory.

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