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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

SEO features of Ezydir

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is method of making your website visible to everyone. When a visitor requests a search, the search engines browse the entire web and displays the results based on the keywords entered by the visitors. The main search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. These three search engines are preferred by the people and a website is optimized to display their names in the search lists of these search engines. Keywords are the most important component of SEO because people are always in hurry and they only type few words related to the topic and the results appear and that is how search engines are designed, to display the ranks based on the keywords.

How Ezydir’s SEO works?
The SEO related activities can only be controlled from the Admin end. Ezydir helps you in developing a website and once the website has been developed the admin control is handed over to the owner. The owner can either customize the site for higher Search Engine rankings or we can help them in setting up their web site. So, the basic thing that we need is generating keywords. This is the most crucial and important part of Search Engine Optimization because it decides whether your website will get traffic or not. Firstly, as an owner you need to be careful with your choice of words to be uploaded in SEO. You must write in common man’s tongue that is you must choose common and simple words that are used by everyone because people will look for websites with these words only. They will never type a complicated word in search bars neither will the search engines recognize it.

Secondly, the keywords that you choose must be strictly related to your business otherwise you will  not be luring traffic to your site instead you will redirecting them to another site. For example: If you own an Automobile Directory then the keywords that you must type apart from your website name are cars, bikes, trucks etc. Sometimes typing the location of your functioning also helps in getting traffic.

3 major components of Seo
Title: You have mention your page’s title in this section and then type your company’s name separated by a comma(,) or a vertical bar(|).
Seo Description:  Seo Description is the little explanation that you provide about the page. It is really important because the content written here will appear in the search engine results below the title that you have given to your page. This description is exclusively for search engines to recognize and it will not appear anywhere in your site.

Keywords: In this section as mentioned above you have to fill the desired keywords for luring traffic to your site and for higher search engine rankings. Keep your words simple and concrete.

Special SEO features of Ezydir

Blog: Every website has a Blog page where the latest achievements or information of the company is updated so that people could read it. Ezydir designs Blog section based on certain parameters like Name/ category/place, so that it becomes easily visible in the search engine results whenever a visitor requests a search with the related keywords.

Listings: Listings are the main part of a directory or let just say, it is the driving wheel of a directory, because Listings are the details of various business functioning in particular region. The SEO features offered by Ezydir for Listings is again arranged in a form. First comes the url followed by a category and then the sub category. This is helpful for the search engines to categorize the search results and get maximum traffic to your site. The listings generate unlimited amount of links and all these can be fed to search engines.

Classifieds: The section that every website has is the Classifieds section. Classifieds section displays different offers to the visitors. Classifieds in Ezydir’s SEO module are arranged according to Pricing then the Category that they fall in like automobiles, accessories, dresses etc. The Search Engines recognize the classifieds based on fields mentioned and display it in the search results, for getting traffic to the client’s site.

Data Backup: Change is a never ending process and in order to be in the market you have to adapt to changes. In this digital era it is really important to be updated. Sometimes you develop a new website and you have to transfer the entire data from the database to the new website. It is practically impossible to write Seo commands for the entire data, but in Ezydir we can import/export the entire data along with the pre-written SEO commands so that the client does not have to face any problem.

News Updates: The SEO feature of the NEWS Update section working according to the date and time schedule. The results appear on the search engine rankings based on the recent updates. In order to be on the top of the search engine results,  you have to continuously update your website so that the time quotient is fulfilled.

Optimized Mobile View: As we know that people use mobile phones (either on the browsers or on the mobile apps more than they use computers and therefore most of the websites are customized to mobile displays. Ezydir is also customized for Mobile viewing, the alt tags applied on images is accepted by search engines and when the links are pressed the images that appear on the web pages automatically change into Mobile view.

Difference between Directory SEO and Local SEO

Directory SEO: A directory has unlimited links within it and the Seo features of a directory allows it to update all the links to the search engines without any problem, so that it will appear on the search results. Directory SEO can also be said as Organic SEO - is a marketing technique by which your website is optimized so that it becomes search engine friendly and get higher ranking based on the relevant keywords. This revolves around an Internet based website which might or might not have a geographical location. Bloggers, Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, internet-based business use this SEO to improve their search engine rankings. The websites or directories those who have content that can be trusted and will be helpful to the users are ranked in Organic SEO.
For Example: If you search Real Estate, many results will appear but the top rankings results are the ones that the search engines believe are true and can be trusted.
Organic SEO is used by websites that might or might not have a geographic location. It can be influenced by the location, but is definitely not attached to a particular place like in building or other structures. Organic results are a mix of businesses, articles, blogs, news, social media profiles etc. Organic search and results are not based on locations.

Local SEO: Local SEO is building reliable and relevant signals around specific locations. A normal website has limited links which may or may not be able to recognized by the search engines. Local SEO is different because it is associated with a particular location or place.
          For Example: When you search Real Estate then all the real estate that function in your locality are listed. The local results are based on customer ratings, reviews and other information about the business like workings hours, directions, phone number, address etc.

The websites that appear on the organic SEO are trustworthy and genuine. Ezydir is specialized with organic SEO and therefore we have worked with various customers around the globe.

Know more about SEO, Ezydir and its features


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