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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Online Job Search Directory

     Job is really important for a person because it decides an individual’s survival in this world. People are always in look out for job and in the age of Internet, job hunting has become a lot easier with various online job portals. Internet has changed the way businesses are done, every business has become online. People in today’s world do not have to travel from one place to another place with their resumes, all they have to do is just it back at home and post their qualifications along with their personal details on online Job directories and they start receiving calls from various companies. Online directory business is a lucrative business and the owner can generate revenue through various ways.

     If you are planning to start an online directory then an online Job Search Directory would be a great idea to begin with. There are various online job finding directories functioning around the world such as Monster.com, JobStreet.com, JobsCentral Malaysia, Splashfind. You can also very well set up your own Job search directory and make money. The idea behind Job search directory is to connect companies who are looking for an employee with a person who is looking for a job.  Online Job Search Directory makes the process  of finding a job more efficient by offering a series of job listings, resources, and directories that will help people in the job searching process.

Features of an Online Job Search Directory

Advanced Search and Filter: The directory will be filled with numerous listings and therefore Advanced Search and Filter helps people in easily sort out their desired option from the available categories. The search will list out the details of all the companies that are currently looking for people to hire for the searched post.

Unlimited Listings: As a directory owner you can allow your sponsors to post their details on your directory which can be seen by the job hunters. You can display unlimited amount of Business Listings on your directory page.

Google Map Integration: Your online Job Search directory will be integrated with Google map so that users could browse for their desired job in different locations. Companies can post a vacancy information for any of their branches functioning in a place and it becomes easier for the users to find one.

Ezydir-The Online Job Search Directory Script

Ezydir is an online local business d directory developing software with customers worldwide. We have created many directories for our customers worldwide. We will boost your directory with features that will help you generate maximum revenue from your clients. There are different ways of generating revenues with a directory. 

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