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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Double the Entertainment with Movie Theaters Directory

The most preferred form of entertainment is movies. People love watching movies disregarding the fact whether it’s good or bad. Movies always engage people and amuses them. Aren’t you a movie fan yourself? As we know we live in the Internet era where you can access every information by flickering your fingers on the computer. The same way people use movie theaters directory to find out information about a movie like the show timing, the theater location and the ticket price. You necessarily don’t have to own a theater to start a directory. You just have to list the name of theaters along with their contact numbers and addresses, functioning in your city, state or country. Theaters owners are always in need of a promotional platform to give their theaters a larger reach. Your directory could be the one they could use for promoting their theaters. You can charge your sponsors for offering different features on your directory.

Features of a Movie Theaters Directory

Search by Category

The advanced search option allows the users and visitors easily search  the details of the movie they want to watch. Using the advanced search option users can filter their searches based on city, state or country. Visitors will be able to find the details like name and location of the theater in which the movie is being run.

Online Booking

In order to save the time and the ticket, users can easily book the tickets so that when they reach the theater, they don’t get to hear that the tickets have been sold out. The directory will be integrated with payment gateways so that users can use their credit/debit cards to make the payment for advance booking.

Articles and News

In the Articles and News section, the sponsors can post information about upcoming movies  along with the opening dates of advance booking. People love watching movie and read updates about movies and therefore an article and news section will surely be an added advantage to a movie theater directory.

User Review

Having a review section in a directory not only helps the audience but it also benefits the directory because people get opinions from others before doing anything. The same way review section will allow users to write  their opinions so that it can be seen by people and if your services are good, you may get positive reviews which will benefit your business

Create your directory with Ezydir Movie Theaters Directory script

Ezydir Movie Theaters Directory script uses PHP Phalcon framework for developing directories. We create directories with utmost care so that our clients get the profit. We apply all the major seo strategies so that your site comes up on the top of the search engine results. All the moviegoers prefer to book their tickets and in such cases your directory would be of great help for them. As we said, we take care of our customers and make sure that they are profited by our services. To help them expand their business we also develop mobile applications that run on iOS and Android platforms. Mobile apps are preferred more by people because it is easier and faster to access. The loading time in mobile apps are lesser than the amount taken by web browsers. Above all apps provide a credibility to a business and attracts more customers.

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